McGuffin didn’t do any favors for Trump

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Meg McGuffin, Alabama’s stately, pretty and talented contestant did not do any favors for Presidential candidate Donald Trump Sunday night with her statement to Miss America Pageant panel members.

Remarks that some Alabamians are “sick and tired” of the front runner were not enough to propel her from her fourth place finish to first place in the nationally televised contest.

Apparently failing to realize Trump is the overwhelming choice of many Alabamians, she said Trump is nothing more than an “entertainer”. Responses like this normally place his adversaries on his “bad side”. I am sure Trump and his supporters would remind her of his highly successful campaign appearance in Mobile’s Ladd-Peebles stadium recently, and that he is far out in front of all the other Republican candidates.

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Some Political Action Committee (PAC) groups believe those farsighted successful businessmen and women are identifying more and more with his cause while those struggling and less successful ones veer away from him.

In all fairness most of the pageant finalists uttered political responses favorable to the left-wing ABC TV Network.

It was, indeed, an honor for her to finish in fourth place and display her unparalleled talents in the unique pageant.

Do you remember that long flea market stretching from north Alabama to states up north? Well, Florida has answered that call initiating its own lengthy trek. The 330-mile event, dubbed the longest flea market in Florida, kicked off last Friday and continued to Sunday afternoon. The semi annual sale stretched along U.S. Highway 90 to MacClenny and included hundreds of flea market locations, yard sales, sidewalk sales and mobile vendors, according to a report from the Associated Press. MacClenny is located between Tallahassee and Jacksonville.

Unofficial reports from the event indicated several avid participants from the state of Alabama participated in the sale.

There has been no late news on the expansion of the Baldwin Express Beach highway to Interstate 65.

It is assumed the new road would extend near the Bay Minette supersite. There had been some earlier, but apparently unfounded reports, that the road would parallel the Phillipsville Road south of Perdido.

Apparently no new information regarding the exact location of the expanded road has been released from the state level. And no mention has been given as to when the road would be expanded. Thus it is apparently generally believed the Bay Minette site would be the most feasible location.

Some Phillipsville residents indicated concern the road, if it came through their neighborhood, could offer various problems to some of their lands.

I don’t know if you ever watch or listen to Paul Finebaum on ESPN, but last week he was criticized for his remarks regarding a video in which a member of the Georgia marching band fell flat on his face while carrying his huge Tuba.

You got the impression that Finebaum was belittling the young man for his non-athletic appearance and taking a tumble. I thought to myself how inconsiderate it was for his remarks about this young man. If ever anyone has a non-athletic appearance it is certainly Finebaum, especially since his featured guests are so athletically inclined.

As a writer, he is extremely talented. But as a broadcaster, I believe he has much to be desired particularly when he tries to be cute with his guests. He is highly hypercritical. One day he downs some particular teams but endorses them the next day. I don’t like the way he pokes fun at the Auburn team while showing partiality to the Alabama team, my alma mater. This is very unfair. His appeal is generally to a select group of viewers.

Successful as he is, ESPN regards him as one of their most identifiable personalities on the SEC Network. The best thing about his show is the fact you can turn it off anytime it is on the air.

Now let’s take a look at some news from 1966.

V.J. Elmores ran a special in the Atmore Advance on portraits. Size 11-by-14 sold for $1 each and matching frames also sold for $1.

Escambia County announced there were 578 businesses operating in the county that year. This was based on a report from Dunn and Bradstreet. By the way many of those firm were the mom and pop type businesses that advertised regularly in newspapers and radio stations.

Most of those type businesses are gone today. That is why it is so difficult for some newspapers, radio stations and other media outlets to stay afloat today.

That was also the year that Medicare insurance went into effect. It was graciously welcomed by those 65 years of age and older.

We will have more news from years gone by next week.