Wind Creek gives $7K to schools from TITO

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Special to the Advance

Two local school principals were all-smiles after recently receiving a combined gift of $7,824.09 from Wind Creek Atmore (WCA). The checks were presented to Escambia County High School (ECHS) and Escambia County Middle School (ECMS) as part of an initiative to support the community through funding from WCA’s TITO (Ticket in Ticket Out) program.

ECHS received $4,285.02 and ECMS received $3,539.07

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Dennis Fuqua, principal at ECHS, said he was excited about the donation.

“When I got the phone call for this check, I was just ecstatic! I’m all about moving forward and this will help us do that in many ways,” Fuqua said.

The high school purchased books, equipment and facility renovation with past donations, but Fuqua said there are other ways donations help students.

“People don’t often think about it, but we also need to provide professional development for our teachers and security equipment to keep the campus safe,” he said.

In light of recent events, campus safety is also on Dr. Anthony Morris’s mind.

Morris, principal of ECMS, mentioned plans to install a new buzz-to-enter security system. “Making sure our students are safe is a priority, so we have to take all precautions we can,” Morris said. “We also want to update our library selection, replace our stage curtains and improve our classrooms.”

ECMS used past donations to upgrade computer labs and to place smart boards in every classroom. The school is already seeing the academic impact of the new technology.

Morris said ECMS teachers and students love the upgraded computer system.

“Our teachers love it and so do our students. Children are technology savvy anyhow, so we can finally speak their language,” Morris said. “It’s interactive and effective.”

Tim Ramer, property manager of WCA, agreed with Morris.

“Education affects every aspect of our community. When the schools are successful, we all are,” Ramer said. “If knowledge is power, then it just makes sense to give back to the places where our kids learn and develop.”

Funding for this donation was raised through WCA’s TITO (Ticket In Ticket Out) program. TITO allows casino guests to donate unwanted cash-out tickets to a designated charity each month. These small donations compound quickly and go a long way in bettering the community.