Looking back: Two NHS students won top awards at fair

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Atmore city officials and the Atmore Chamber of Commerce declared Williams Station Day of 1995 to be a huge success raising lots of money for locale clubs 20 years ago. One interesting feature was a real log rolling, which fascinated the youngsters. The Gandy Dancers were also a great treat.

I have attended Williams Station Day, and I must say it was very interesting. In fact I, and a couple more, worked a booth near the YMCA, but took the time to check out the other things going on nearby.

The Escambia County Agency on Aging was glad to hear they had gotten a new van to be used for the elderly. This is such a good thing to have.

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As I grow older, I can appreciate the fact that it can help maintain an individual’s independence.

Piggly Wiggly in Davisville had a grand opening offering good prices and good prizes. Some of the special prices were Coca-Cola for 69 cents, ground beef for 69 cents a pound, mayonnaise for 69 cents and bread for four for $1.

My husband managed this store some years ago and I have shopped there many times. I had no idea how long it had been in Davisville until now.

The drug task force was patrolling I-65. They said that the interstate was a great way to transport drugs to other parts of the country.

I guess this must be true. If it is good for traveling, it is good to transport drugs. I remember my husband and I were at a service station at the 113 exit when officers made a stop and I wanted to go to investigate, but my husband wouldn’t let me. When you are in the news business, you want to chase down all the bad guys you can. It’s good he was with me at the time.

The Blue Devils lost to Monroeville 21-0, while Northview took Florida High School 29-22.

Two Northview High School students won top awards at the Pensacola Interstate Fair. The girls were Betsy Johnson and Amy Johnson and they were kin, but not sisters.

Vanity Fair was hiring sewing machine operators.

Many years ago I worked in a factory and it was quite an experience.

About the time I got used to it, we moved.

Halloween had come and gone but there were several pages of photographs of spooky folks in the newspaper.

A native of Canoe, Samuel David Spivey, was to sign copies of his newly published book, “A Doughboy’s Narrative” at K-Mart. It was about his experiences during WWI, WWII and the Korean conflict.

It seemed as if there were lots of people signing books for a while, but I haven’t heard of anybody recently.

Several people in Atmore got the chance to drive an electric car provided by Alabama Power.

My brother has a hybrid car. He is very proud of it. It is so quiet you can hardly hear the motor running. He also lives in an underground house. He likes to tease me about how little he spends on heating and cooling it. Now he has moved on to his car and he spends a lot less than I do for gasoline.

A routine traffic stop netted the police two burglary suspects. When will they learn to make sure all of their lights are burning?

A large boom was heard over a large area prompting calls to authorities who decided it was the landing of the space shuttle at Cape Canaveral.