Time is moving by pretty fast; having fun

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Has it been three months already?

In the middle of August, I began working here — part time then — at the Atmore Advance to fill in for Justin Schuver, who was the newspaper’s publisher. Schuver went to be publisher at one of our other papers in Bogalusa, La.

Since I began working here full time, I’ve been welcomed with open arms. I can’t state that enough.

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Everybody has been welcoming.

However, time sure is moving pretty fast. I always say that time moves fast when you’re having fun.

I’ve had a lot of fun since being here.

There’s been a lot that’s gone on in these last few months, including the annual Taste of the South event at Heritage Park, the Ribs on Ridgeley fundraiser and Williams Station Day.

All of these events were a first for me, and I had a fun time covering each one of them.

After some time at a job, one begins to think how can I be better?

I always ask myself this every week when we publish a new edition of the newspaper.

Thinking of how Alabama head football coach Nick Saban goes through his process, I try to think about what I’ve done and point out what I did wrong or needs improving and act on those things.

The processes for me has been a good one so far and believe me, I’m still learning a lot and continue to do so.

Looking ahead on the plate for Atmore lies a lot.

Next Thursday and Friday, the Poarch Creek Indians will be putting on their 45th annual Indian Pow Wow, and on Dec. 12, the city will be holding its annual Christmas parade.

There’s a lot going on in the area over the month or so in addition to the holiday busy-ness.

While time is moving pretty fast at the moment, the days are getting shorter and I couldn’t be happier because that means it’s getting colder.

The highs over the next couple of days will be in the 60s, but the lows are going to be in the 40s. There’s going to be a nip in the air.

So, get your coat and bring your family and friends and join others and me as we partake in the upcoming festivities in Atmore.

It’s going to go by pretty fast because if you’re like me, this is getting pretty fun.