Looking back: City fathers planned to pave 10 miles of streets

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It seems as if the holidays bring out both the good and the bad.

Police warn shoppers to be aware of their surroundings and some types of crime seem to flourish. In 1995, a local woman, age 72, was robbed in the parking lot of a grocery store. An Atmore man and a juvenile were arrested and charged with robbery, assault and fraudulent use of a credit card.

Being a senior myself, I just can’t believe that someone would be that violent with anyone, much less an old person. My mother would tell me that the world has changed and she would be right. I remember sleeping with only the screen doors separating us from whatever was outside. I just believe it was a better time.

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Some people were going about their business having fun. The Poarch Creek Indians announced that the number of people visiting for the annual Pow Wow was at a record high.

Now I did not go to Pow Wow this year. I did attend last year and it was a beautiful day. I would really have enjoyed it a great deal, but it was just too cold for my old bones. When I go back I have to remember to take my overcoat.

It was announced that Fred’s was getting ready to have its grand opening. Now who doesn’t love a store that sells things at a low price? I know that I do.

The city fathers were planning to pave 10 miles of streets in Atmore in the summer of 1996.

Now that seems like a real project although I am sure that 10 miles of paving really doesn’t amount to as much as it seems.

The holidays were fast approaching and the Atmore Council of the Arts was planning a performance of “Wizard of Oz.” It is a wonderful story any time of the year, but having it at Christmas makes it extra special. For a movie made 76 years ago, it has really stuck around for a long time. And before you think I don’t know, there was a book before the movie.

After making the decision to put in an early warning system, plans changed and the decision was made to table the decision for the time being.

A.C. Moore Elementary School Principal Glen Taylor, and Guidance Counselor Gene Sands, got a lot of laughs out of being hit in the face with pies. They took the punishment because the students had read 4,500 books during the month to celebrate Children’s Literature Week.

In the 20 years since, I wonder if kids are reading as much as they used to. I hope so, because books hold a special spot in my heart. I am 75 years old and I still read some every day. I have one special book that I read over and over and each time I get something new out of it.

I always like to look to see what prices were like in whatever year I am writing about. I noticed that one store was advertising boneless stew meat for $1.67 a pound 20 years ago. That one stuck with me because when it starts to cool off, I like to make a big pot of soup.

These days boneless stew meat prices have gone off the charts. The prices are so high that I may have to use ground beef, but wait; that cost a lot too.

On a darker note, the Atmore police were dealing with a purse snatcher on the run. They were also warning the public to be on the lookout for anyone suspicious.