Stitch me up, enjoyed spreading cheer

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, December 30, 2015

As youngster and even one time while in college, once a year, I’d join some 20 other carolers and we’d walk the hallways of Thomas Hospital, singing Christmas carols.

I had a similar experience on Christmas Eve.

Stitches made a special appearance at Atmore Community Hospital on the day before Christmas, visiting several patients who were in the hospital.

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Before Stitches — who was a dog dressed in a physician’s coat and Santa hat — arrived, I had a pleasant conversation with a woman who has helped Stitches deliver holiday cheer for a number of years.

In her basket, there were several his and her elves (puppets) ready to be given away.

We made our way through the waiting room at the emergency room, the ER, the whole second floor and then the intensive care unit.

I managed to get a few pictures — which you can see in this edition of The Atmore Advance — but didn’t get a lot as the HIPAA Privacy Rules prevent me from invading the patients’ privacy.

All of that was fine by me, so instead, I thought I’d just go along for the ride. I did get a few pictures of nurses and other workers at the hospital, but just the experience was worth while.

As one person said, “all of these people shouldn’t be here on Christmas Eve.”

That person was right. There shouldn’t have been anybody at the hospital. All should’ve been home.

Every patient Stitches visited, he made them smile. I didn’t have to see this to believe it. I knew that’s what happened.

I look forward to next year or the next even when Stitches will be making others smile.

I’m glad I went and partook of the event that put so many smiles on faces.

It not only reminded me of when I’d go sing Christmas carols in the hospital, but it also reminded me that there is plenty of time left in this holiday season to spread the joy of Christmas to others.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!