Looking back: City council voted to give themselves, mayor a raise

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Forty years doesn’t seem to be such a long time. At least it doesn’t to me. My mother used to say that old age is however old you are, plus 15 years.

Now think about that for a minute.

It is true. I used to think someone 40 years old was over the hill. I don’t think that anymore.

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Anyway, 40 years ago, in 1976, G.R. Swift was named the chairman of the First Congressional District for the Alabama Citizens for the Reagan committee.

It was announced in The Atmore Advance that Escambia County was leading the state in the production of oil and gas. Escambia County’s production was $64 million, while Mobile County, the traditional leader, was only $23.4 million.

I say only, but it all seems like a lot of money. I guess when you are dealing with government, it doesn’t seem like much.

My bicentennial story for this week was the planting of a Magnolia tree at the Bratt Elementary School by the students.

Greg McPherson, 17, a senior at Escambia County High School, had a story written about him and his talent of playing the drum. McPherson was blind in one eye and could barely see from the other. Even so, he had won several awards and his attitude about his talent and his disability was unusual.

It always makes me feel good when a story such as this comes out. One person who has to face such hardship, but still, he manages to come out on top.

Escambia Academy Headmaster Jack Miller resigned from his position and said that he planned to go back to college to pursue his doctorate degree.

The city council voted to give themselves and the mayor a raise. Did I read that one right? It seems a little bit strange.

Greenlawn Hospital was modernizing with the addition of a new telemetry monitor for the heart.

Red Cross was asking for donations to assist the victims of the Guatemala earthquake.

There is always someone who needs help and someone who is willing to give a helping hand.

Also in the news was the story of a plane crash at the Atmore Airport. It seems that the three men on board were an evangelistic group. They were all injured in the crash which happened right after take-off. The plane caught fire and burned but one thing that made it through the crash and the following fire was a Bible.