A perfect day for sports

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It’s not every Saturday that I get up at a decent time.

However, this last weekend’s mid-way point was different. I got out of bed early because I knew I had a lot to do around my apartment and for work.

To compliment the day, the weather was outstanding. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the temperature was a little cool with a slight breeze — perfect.

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I set about the start of my day, which included getting the coffee going and frying up some bacon.

I used the grease from the bacon to whip up some scrambled eggs. Both were quite good in all honesty.

With a stomach full of goodness, I watched an episode of a television show that I wanted to get back into.

Afterward, I showered and headed out to Escambia Academy, where the Canoe school’s baseball and softball teams were battling in doubleheaders against Morgan Academy.

Going back and forth between each field, I managed to get some pretty good pictures of the action, all the while enjoying the day itself.

The girls split, winning the first and falling the second, and the boys lost both.

While I wanted both teams to find success in both games, I enjoyed the afternoon pretty well.

I left EA with a smile on my face knowing that it was a great afternoon and that everything went well.

When I got back to my apartment, I took some time to sit outside to enjoy the beautiful day once more.

I was glad of it because there aren’t many opportunities that I get outside, other than for work duties.

When I went to bed Saturday night, I couldn’t help but notice that parts of my skin were hot.

I made a mental note to remember to bring the sun screen next time, smiled and turned off the lamp to close a good day.