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Looking Back: Businesses were thinking of Spring 40 years ago

Forty years ago in 1976, businesses were thinking of Spring and many of them were advertising in The Atmore Advance. TG&Y ran a two-page ad and offered some good prices on summer related articles. It’s a sure sign of warmer weather when we see those summer clothes go on the racks. Although over the years they have put things out earlier and earlier. It’s that way all year. I can remember waiting until after Thanksgiving to begin thinking about Christmas and you all know that now Christmas begins about the time we are putting the Halloween costumes away. Summer clothing goes on the racks while the weather is still cold and winter clothing goes out before the hot weather has gone. If you want a good selection, you better buy it when you see it, not when you need it.

In the bad news department, there was a story in the newspaper about two children who died in a mobile home fire. Fire Chief Charles Rutherford said the fire was under investigation, but the fire started in the middle of the home. The father heard his wife yelling from the other end of the trailer and when he saw the flames he pushed his wife and two children outside. The flames were so bad that he could not go back in to save the other two children who were sleeping in their beds.

Over my years of working at the newspaper, I have seen some crazy things, but the growing of giant vegetables seems to stay with us. I have seen big cabbages, huge pumpkins and plenty of big turnips. I have even seen a two-headed snake. Forty years ago, R. H. Spence grew a nine and one half pound radish. He said that he left it alone and let it grow for almost a whole year in his back yard. Now that is a big radish. Not only was the radish big, the top was too.

Greenlawn Hospital announced that it would no longer care for elective treatment for inmates from the prison after a shootout between an inmate and a guard. It would continue to see emergency cases.

At a time when you are not feeling too well, you don’t need to worry about getting in the line of fire between others. In a later addition I believe that other measures were taken at the prison to be able to care for those who needed a doctor.

People in Atmore were surprised to see a giant balloon floating in the air in town. It turns out that there was a grand opening of a Massey Furguson and displayed a hot air balloon. I don’t know if they offered rides in the balloon, but I would like to try one out someday. I have done lots of things I never thought I would, so, if offered, I would probably ride in a hot-air balloon.

Lastly, E.R. Morrissette Jr., the editor and publisher of The Atmore Advance, was elected second vice-president in the Alabama Press Association (APA).