Byrne sets up ‘Not So Sweet 16 Tournament’

Published 9:47 am Friday, March 25, 2016

Rep. Bradley Byrne launched his own take on March Madness in politics today.

Byrne launched a new online survey to allow constituents to vote on what they consider to be the worst executive overreaches of the Obama Administration, according to his office.

The survey is known as the “Not So Sweet 16 Tournament.” The challenge will allow people to vote on individual matchups in search of the worst example of overreach by the Obama Administration.

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Additionally, the survey allows Byrne to see what issues his constituents are most worried about.

“It is time for the Sweet 16 in the basketball tournament, but I hope people will also pay attention to the ‘Not So Sweet 16’ challenge,” Byrne said in a statement. “This challenge allows my constituents to share their opinion and let me know what examples of overreach by the Obama Administration they are most concerned about. Executive overreach and an inability to follow the law has been a real problem under this administration, and I believe it is important we draw attention to these issues. I hope everyone will take just a second to vote.”

You can click here to vote in the tournament. Below are the sixteen examples of executive overreach and failure to follow the law that were included in the “Not So Sweet 16” challenge.


“Not So Sweet 16” Examples of Executive Overreach

1. Illegal Executive Amnesty: President Obama has attempted to change our nation’s immigration laws through executive actions that one study shows exempts 87% of illegal immigrants from immigration enforcement.

2. Obamacare Reinsurance Program: The Department of Health and Human Services has illegally diverted billions of dollars to insurance companies in an effort to save the Obamacare exchanges instead of paying that money to the Treasury as required by law.

3. Targeting Conservative Organizations: Instead of being nonpartisan, the IRS and Lois Lerner were found to be targeting conservative-leaning non-profit organizations for extra scrutiny.

4. Relations with Cuba: From opening an embassy in Havana to altering long-standing trade policies, the Obama Administration has completely ignored Congress on issues pertaining to new diplomatic and economic relations with Cuba.

5. Fast and Furious: Later discovered documents confirm that Attorney General Holder lied during a congressional investigation about the Fast and Furious gun running program, likely committing perjury.

6. Restricting the Second Amendment: The President has attempted to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans through executive actions such as attempting to ban certain ammunition and restrict ownership of certain Americans on Social Security without due process.

7. Waters of the United States Rule: The EPA and Army Corps of Engineers have attempted to implement a new wide-ranging rule that would expand the federal government’s regulatory authority to “bodies of water” as small as a rain puddle. Also broke the law advertising for the rule.

8. War on Coal: Through new EPA regulations and guidelines, the Obama Administration is bypassing Congress in an effort to shutdown coal-powered power plants, which has resulted in many Americans losing their jobs.

9. No ISIS Strategy: The Pentagon and State Department failed to send a report to Congress outlining their strategy to defeat ISIS by the February 15thdeadline as required by law.

10. OSHA Regulating Small Chemical Plants: OSHA ignored a 23 year old policy by imposing onerous regulations on agricultural retail facilities that were previously exempt from regulation.

11. Department of Labor Joint-Employer Rule: The Department of Labor is upending decades of labor law and putting small business ownership at risk by vastly expanding the definition of a “joint-employer.”

12. Common Core Coercion: The federal Department of Education attempted use funding and a complicated waiver system to coerce states into adopting Common Core and other education standards.

13. Federal Land Grab: The Obama Administration has used executive action to declare “national monument” status to various federal land that closes the land off from energy exploration.

14. Contraception Mandate: The Department of Health and Human Services is requiring the Little Sisters of the Poor and other religious groups to either pay ruinous fines or provide contraception coverage that violates their faith.

15. Ignoring bankruptcy law: In the auto company bailouts, the Obama administration shortchanged bondholders in favor of labor unions in direct violation of bankruptcy laws.

16. Unconstitutional recess appointments: To bypass Senate confirmation, President Obama made “recess appointments” to the National Labor Relations Board and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau when Congress was NOT in recess.