Law Day was quite a fun experience

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, May 11, 2016

For some reason, trials are always fun to cover.

When in high school, my brother introduced me to a TV show call “Law and Order.”

The show chronicles the justice system, from the discovery of the crime to the delivery of the verdict at trial.

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Being a drama, I fell in love with the show and admired the legal system as a result.

High school seniors in Escambia County got a good taste of the process of the legal system last week for the 40th annual Law Day, which was held at the county courthouse in Brewton.

Seniors from the Atmore area participated Thursday, and seniors from the western portion of the county participated Friday.

During Law Day, the students got the chance to watch a real live trial take place. There were 14 seniors chosen to sit as an actual jury. Two alternates were picked once closing arguments ended and deliberations were set to begin.

What really made me appreciate the event was learning that the county is the only one in the state that holds this national celebration on a local level.

I think it gives the students a good snapshot of what the legal system is like and how things work.

Packed inside of the big courtroom, the rest of the seniors from Escambia County, Escambia Academy, Atmore Christian School and others, along with myself, listened to the case unfold.

The case was that of an Atmore man charged with possession of marijuana and a pistol without a permit.

The prosecution called its two witnesses and after cross-examination, ended its case against the defendant. The defense didn’t have any witnesses as the defendant chose not to testify.

Throughout the whole trial, from beginning to end, Circuit Judge Bert Rice took time to explain every part of the process to the seniors on the jury and those in the crowd.

I’m glad because it helped remind me of the process, and what goes with it.

The Law Day event served as a means to educate the high school seniors on the legal system.

I’m thankful it helped me remember what I love most about trials in the first case.