Trump has a firm grasp on Republican party

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Regardless of your political party preference, the “Peoples Party” should become the new name for the Republican Party. That’s because presumptive candidate Donald Trump appears to be literally gaining overall the most support, not just from Republicans but from Independents and Democrats as well.

Folks, this is shaping up to be a most revolutionary change in political history. It is becoming so unique that Trump is now recognized as “owner” of the party. And, the die-hard old heads in the party are left grasping for survival. These old heads could be better identified as the “elite” elements.

Fox News got wise and jumped on Trump’s ascension becoming the leading cable network not only with most viewers, but with most advertisements. CNN and MSNBC quickly jumped on the anti-Trump campaign and now find themselves with reduced viewers and in some instances much nonfactual Trump news.

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Fox News is still burdened with a handful of old Republican pundits and one wonders if these anti-trump prognosticators will soon disappear from our TV sets. Members of the National Review like Steve Hayes and Rick Lowery and pundits like George Will and Charles Krauthammer are receiving criticism from fellow Fox broadcasters. Pensacola’s Morning Joe is now being slammed for his stop Trump activity on MSNBC. John McClain is in a political fight for his life because of his stop-Trump efforts and his feisty daughter, Meagan, is being raked over coals by fellow Fox panelists for her bias against Trump. Even the Bush name is now tainted because of nonsupport of Trump, especially since Jeb Bush was crushed in his early presidential bid this year.

And when I say CNN and MSNBC are hurting for loss of viewers, I mean it sincerely. Without viewers, advertisers fall off.

Those prominent state and national celebrities and personalities who belittled Trump in the outset of the campaign may want to go and hide after the election this fall.

Now, for some current news. The announcement of our receiving a new high tech plant related to the airplane industry is most gratifying. I read a brief article online a few days ago that Atmore is in a most favorable location for other air related plants because of our easy access on I-65. Only Bay Minette is ahead of us in this regard and that town has not even completed an off-ramp from the interstate.

Now you can go back and count them, but I wrote at last six columns over the past few years touting our excellent interstate location. Can you visualize plants like Airbus wanting to set up off shoot factories in inland towns and communities situated away from the interstate? Our city leaders are to be congratulated for bringing us this new plant and I whole heartily believe more plants are on the way here because of our city leadership and our very unique interstate location.

Well, this Sat., May 21, will mark the 10th anniversary of the death of talented and popular Grand Ole Opry star Billy Walker.

For those of you who may not remember, he and two members of his band and his wife lost their lives in a rollover accident near Fort Deposit. The group was returning to Nashville in the early morning hours following a successful stand at Foley’s Rivera Opry. Ironically they perished on the same highway named after famed Opry performer Hank Williams. That section of the highway was named Hank Williams Memorial Lost Highway. The area was home to Williams, especially the area near Georgiana.

Walker would have been 87 years of age had he lived.

I remember playing Walker’s records on WATM when I worked there during my college days. I particularly liked his song “Cross The Brazos at Waco.” He possessed a singing voice a lot like Marty Robbins. A couple of his other hit songs were “Charlie’s Shoes and “Smokey Places.”

So many more singers of the 50s come to mind these days. And we always received phone calls and even letters requesting our playing their records over the air. Some of the most requested artists were Hank Snow, Webb Pierce, Eddie Arnold, Hank Thompson and the Brazos Valley Boys, Marty Robbins, T. Texas Tyler, Pee Wee King and his Golden West Cowboys, Jim Edward and Maxine Brown (The Browns), Jim Reeves, Kitty Wells, Johnnie and Jack, Cowboy Copas and many more.

Some of those artists crossed over to the popular music field, particularly Red Foley, Ray Price, Eddie Arnold, Jim Reeves, The Browns, Pattie Page and Sonny James.

What is Nostalgia, you ask? It is stories like these. Stories that take you back to those memorial days of long ago. Many, many friends of ours who lived here back then are now passed on. Friends like, Alvin Slay, Jeff Cochran, Lukie Anderson. Tom Miniard, Ben Haley, Eddie Staff Jr., Bobby Norris, Tony Albert, Bob Morrissett, Martin Richie, Morgan Little, Douglas Webb, Bob Tucker, Joe Maxwell, Tom Kelly, Carey Powell, Ed Mason (and his dad, famous for making those sling shots) and many more.

What has happened to the Atlanta Braves baseball team? Wow, having a very difficult time getting in gear, and the season is moving right along without them.

We will have more news next week from days gone by-as well as some other contemporary happenings.

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