Auburn ladies captured the country’s heart

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Those fabulous young ladies on the Auburn ladies softball team captured the heart of America. Even though they fell one game short of the national title, losing in the final game to a very strong Oklahoma team, they were easily recognized as the “prettiest” team in the country.

In fact, one media service declared pitcher Rachel Waters as the “prettiest college female player in America.” And, several of these lovely young ladies will return next year in what is expected to be another winning season.

You wonder how coach Clint Myers can assemble such a talented and good looking group of players year after year. But he and his two assistant coaching sons, Casey and Corey, have the reputation for top-notch recruiting. They can walk into a recruit’s home and say “if you sign with us, you will not only be recognized as a good player, but you will be recognized as one of the nation’s most beautiful players.” Very few coaches can make this statement.

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By the way, polls show girls’ softball TV games ranked as one of the most watched sports in the country.

Speaking of talent, there is not a day that goes by that I do not see some talented people right here in Atmore. Each time I ride up Pensacola Avenue, I marvel at the greenery and freshness in Ronnie Lehmann’s garden. His variety of vegetable plants is outstanding and the overall condition of the garden can be compared with only a few. He has displayed his handiwork of producing vegetables for many years. Retired from local postal delivery work, you could have found him working in his garden during his off time back in his working days. A hoppy like this must be personally satisfying.

Other talented “men of plants” are Jimmy Biggs and Cecil Daniels. I have written about these two men on several occasions and still cannot say enough about their garden success. In fact, Jimmy has me on his delivery route bringing assortments of vegetables several times a year. Ed Brown and Clint Smith are also known for their talented plant displays.

Ed, as mentioned, following his retirement and Eddie Cook and Melvin Middleton, also having retired from gainful occupations, displayed their talents remarkably well, keeping our plants and grounds in showroom condition throughout the city.

And talent still overflows in our town. Two talented and innovated writers, Bonnie Latino and Lou Vickery, always come to mind. Their books have captured hearts of thousands across the country and have brought recognition to Atmore many, many times. There contributions to community services are highly recognized.

Talented musicians are also in the forefront here. There are so many I really should not try to mention them because of possibly inadvertently leaving some out. But a few do come to mind.

Sunday Skylar Allen sang a beautiful song in Church. His resonant voice can blend in harmony with most all singers. Dietrich Bonderant displays that “Harry James” trumpet style and Jetti Everette, although not living here anymore, has a piano style only a few possess. T. Lane renders a piano style reminiscent of Jack Marshall of the old Blackwood Brothers Quartet and Francis Dunn is renowned for her melodic style. There are still many, many more. Singers like Doris Van Pelt, Lana Langford and Teresa Brown display their talents in a remarkable way and Hunter Dettling draws attention, playing a remarkable guitar.

I think of those talented men who have the ability to restore old vehicles. It is almost unbelievable how these guys can restore that original look to old cars and trucks. You can always see some of these cars a couple times a month on Friday nights at David’s Cat Fish.

Again, I apologize for leaving out some but these come to mind at this time.

Someone asked me to write about those Little League teams that played in the old Vanity Fair Park, which was located on grounds of Vanity Fair. For some reasons I cannot register my thoughts about this park as I could several years ago. I do remember some of the players like Butch Tucker, Wynn Millson, Kurt Donaldson and one of the Sanspree boys. Bob Tucker, Sam Kahn, Tony Albert, Joe Latham and Joe Everete were associated with the teams and that league back then. I remember the park being very clean and well lighted. I remember also the first night of the opening of the concession stand. The aroma from those hot dogs and hamburgers was so outstanding that residents from neighboring homes came over and stocked on some of them.

Baseball for kids was new to us then. Crowds overflowed as they watched these youngsters perform on the diamond like older boys did. I know I have some notes somewhere about this time period and when I uncover them I will write more about this.

In a dab of news from 1954, Chapel Ministries were initiated at the local prisons creating the opportunity for inmates to gather and worship God. Several local ministers organized schedules for worshiping. Not surprising many local pastors and laymen participated in that program. These services still continue and one local man, Dr. Hugh Long, is highly active with this group.

More next week.

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