A man lost his knife, but learned a lesson

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This is a story about a man and his knife.

After graduating from high school, a young 19 year old received a gift from his uncle — a Swiss Army Knife.

The knife had a lot of gadgets that would prove useful in the years to come, even though the young man put it away and forgot about it.

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Recently, the young man started carrying it around with him wherever he went.

The knife came in handy quite a few times and got the young man out of several pinches, to say the least.

During a recent trip, the young man was put in a little bind with the knife.

Because knives aren’t allowed in big arenas or entertainment venues, the young man was given a choice to either put it in a friend’s car or throw it in the trash.

The young man’s friends had already entered the arena ahead of him, so he had no choice but to throw it in the trash.

“It’s just a knife and it can be replaced,” the young man thought.

The young man went on his way to enjoy the rest of the day, but the knife really never left his thoughts.

While sad he will more than likely never see the knife again, the young man learned a lesson — to not hold on to material things.

Yeah, the knife held some significance being that it was a gift from the young man’s uncle, but the young man is thankful the knife didn’t come from his grandfather or great-grandfather.

One day soon, the young man will be buying a new knife.

Will it be a Swiss Army Knife? Or, will it be something else?

The important thing is that the young man will soon be carrying around a useful tool again.