Dancing chicken is something delicious

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dancing chicken.

It’s been a staple entrée in our family for years.

I remember the first time I even heard the term, “dancing chicken.” People also refer to it as “drunk chicken.”

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If memory serves, I was in middle school and it was a recipe that we heard about from either the Food Network or from a recipe book.

The recipe is simple and it’s quite easy to make. All you need is a fryer chicken (whole), a stand to prop the chicken on and a beer. If you don’t have a stand, then you can mount the chicken on the beer can itself. That’s it.

Wash the chicken and pat it dry with paper towels. Drizzle a little olive oil and add whatever spices you like. For me, it’s just salt and pepper.

Then, mount the chicken onto the prop and place on a hot grill with indirect heat. Pour the beer down the middle of chicken so it collects in a pool at the bottom of the mount.

Close the grill lid and cook for an hour and a half, checking it midway through for signs of cooking and to turn it if need be. After all, grills can be finicky.

Once the bird is done — you can tell by either pulling at a wing or leg, or if the juices are running clear — place the chicken on a baking sheet or cutting board and let it rest for a while. This will allow the juices to go back into the meat.

When you’ve got your side items done for the supper, cut up the chicken and have at it. There’s really no nice way to eat the chicken, just place it on your plate and dig in.

What I love about dancing chicken is that it’s fun to make. Beer is always, in my opinion, fun to cook with. Adding it to one of my favorite meats is good, too.

I’m hoping you enjoy cooking this recipe as often as I do.

The reason I write about dancing chicken is because my father and I had it Sunday night when I paid him a visit at home.

It was a nice visit, as is always the case.

And despite the name of the chicken, there was no dancing done as a result.