This the most wonderful week of the year

Published 12:06 am Wednesday, August 31, 2016

This is the week folks have been looking forward to for the past few months. This is the week college football kicks off all across the country. And this week’s games pitting Alabama against Southern California and Auburn against Clemson have been pegged the two most prestigious offerings on the card.

But those avid supporters of the LSU Tigers will argue with you that their game up in Green Bay, Wisc. against the Wisconsin Badgers is just as important.

Then, of course, the Ole Miss is emphasizing the importance of their game against Florida State down in Tallahassee Monday night. One thing for sure, this game will cap off the highlights of the week’s exciting activities.

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There has not been a dynamic opening season like this in quite a few years.

Folks will give their TV remotes a brash workout flipping from game to game to follow all the smashing action. And by game time, fans should know the starting quarterbacks of their favorite teams; a question many coaches do not answer until kickoff time.

So buckle down, grease up your TV control knobs, round up a supply of Orvell Redenbacher’s tasty offerings, order one of those new My Pillows for the comfy chair, and wail away with friends and kin for what looks like a great season.

This fall season also ushers in a lot of excitement and impulse buying at your favorite shopping stores. I am talking about the unveiling of holiday merchandise. Already Halloween’s goblins and ghost attire have made the scene, and in only a few weeks, Thanksgiving and Christmas materials will be freely displayed.

Even Hallmark Channel’s preview of holiday movies is being aired in abundance right now. It is refreshing to know so many new holiday movies are in their offerings.

Then, of course, don’t forget about Hurricane season. Fall is really the season activity here kicks up. Already, we are watching potential storms coming to life not too awfully far from us. Biggest news from all this is the fact we have not even hit the prime season. From Sept. l until mid October is the span we see these storms form and travel west/northwest. Taking into consideration the lack of El Niño influence weather experts tell us the season could be even more active.

Now let’s take a look at some news from 1966.

Cliff Bethea, well known merchant and cattle owner, retired from his business selling off over 240 of his prize Herefords. Buyers came from throughout the south to bid on his stock. Many will remember Mr. Cliff as owner of Cliff’s Cash and Carry grocery store, which was located on east Nashville Avenue.

Jan Akins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Akins, was selected “Miss Flame,” queen of Atmore’s Fire department Ladies Auxiliary.

Ernest Miniard, of WATM, was chosen chairlady of the Christmas Seal Drive representing West Alabama Tuberculosis Association. She and husband Tom received federal communication approval to add 29,000 watts of power to their WATM broadcasting outlet.

Mickey Cannon, Escambia County High School basketball star, was selected to play in the Region 1 All-Star basketball game at the University of Alabama.

The Pensacola Chamber of Commerce named George Van Pelt “Young Farmer of the Year.” He and his brother, Jim, operated a thriving dairy farm in Davisville, Fla.

John Daniel, local insurance agent, added Travelers Insurance to his line of property coverage and Hilbert Hall, son of Mr. and Mrs. Junior Hall of Porch, took top honors in a project involving conserving natural resources. The 4-H student was also active in the Jr. Cattleman’s Association.

Little League coaches and managers that year were Sterlin Fancher-Bank of Atmore, Carl Copeland-American Legion, Heron Hall-Lions Club, John Bachelor-Maxwell Haley and Tom Bradberry-First National Bank.

Two prominent deaths were recorded that year. The first was G.C Benton, Atmore’s “Mr. Legionnaire.” He held various offices locally and statewide in the American Legion. Dr. J O Lizenby died at the age of 70. A well-known surgeon throughout the south he owned and operated Greenlawn hospital.

Chemstrand Corp. changed its name to Monsanto Textile Division that year. Many from here and the surrounding area had gainful employment with that plant. In fact, when the plant was built a few years earlier, several outlying residents built homes here so they would not have far to drive to their work. In fact, this era was one of Atmore’s most productive building periods.

This was the year that President Lyndon B. Johnson and his administration brought us Daylight saving Time through the “Uniform time Act.”

More next week.

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