Covering Bama game was quite a thrill

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Having gone to bed some three hours earlier, the alarm clock on my phone rang without fail early Saturday morning.

Getting out of bed wasn’t a struggle as much as it was a necessity because time was a factor.

Ahead of me was a more than three-hour drive to Tuscaloosa, and I had to be there within a certain time period.

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Stopping to get something to eat and a large coffee, I set on my journey up the western part of the state, where my final destination was the Alabama-Kent State game.

The reason why I went to the game was because the Alabama Press Association has a program, where it allows reporters/photographers a chance to cover Alabama and Auburn football games, either from the sideline or the press box. We actually had to choose the games we wanted to cover before the season started.

Finally making it to Tuscaloosa, the first challenge was to find a parking spot. Fortunately, I found one that I could get for the amount of cash I had in my wallet. Being thankful for this was an understatement.

So, I walked a bit to the stadium, reported to the will call window, received my media pass and entered the stadium.

My first thought upon walking on the field wasn’t that it was hot (because it was), but the size of the football players warming up. Alabama was warming up on the north end zone side of the stadium, if memory serves, and all I could think was, “man, I’d hate to get hit by these guys.”

The game began, finally, and I set about taking photos of the game. I had fun following the action with my camera as each play unfolded.

Up 41-0 at halftime, Alabama had a dominant lead, to say the least.

At this point, many fans decided to take their leave and head for the exits.

I decided to stay, and finish out the game.

One thing I took away from covering the game is how big the stadium is. I’d been to several games as a fan, but not as a media person. Being down on the field does give one a different perspective.

The place is huge.

Until my next game, I’ll be waiting on pins and needles for another chance at covering either an Alabama or Auburn game.