Acts of kindness are good memories

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, October 26, 2016

When you see it, the memory will stay with you.

On Monday afternoon, I responded to a structure fire a short time after my colleague went to take pictures, and there was something I saw that I’ll never forget.

A man who lives down the road, along with his son, were walking up the road carrying clothes for the family who lost their house and everything they owned.

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Standing a little bit away, I debated whether or not to take pictures of the moment. Getting a little closer, I snapped two shots and backed away to see the exchange.

It was touching.

With how our world is looking, acts of kindness are often not seen and when they are, they stand out.

My colleague asked me to get the family’s information and put a post on our Facebook page, asking for donations and where to deliver them.

The post got some looks and I’m thankful.

Talking with the man who donated some clothes, he said he’d been through this type of situation before. He said he lost everything he owned and people helped him get back out of the rut.

He paid it forward, and I know that the family — who from I have learned are good people — will do so for others who are in need.

This experience reminded me that there are a lot of people out there who are in need.

The holidays are coming up fast, so don’t forget those who don’t have shelter, those who don’t know where their next meal will come from or those who just need a coat to wear to keep warm.

Like the man who helped the family whose house burned, be sure to give to others.

Would you give someone in need the clothes off of your back?