What do some of these words mean?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 2, 2016

With the election upon us next week, TV talk shows and newspaper articles are flooding us with loads of information. Some of it is downright difficult to comprehend.

So many big words are being used by these writers and broadcasters, I believe we need a little help understanding them.

Take, for instance, “disingenuous.” Here is a word used quite often describing politicians. The dictionary defines this word as meaning “dishonest, untruthful, deceitful and insincere.” Wow, is there any other word more descriptive of some politicians?

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Yes, there is and it is called “unprecedented.” This word means never happened before or no record of something ever before happened. Could they be talking about the Trump movement? Or, electing a president with numerous records of felonies.

There are dozens of words out there that are almost unprecedented. Some of those words are decommit, rhetoric, transparency, bipartisan, battleground state, hypothetical and LGBT.

Now what in the world is LGBT? These letters stand for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. Notice, please, I did not capitalize these words. In fact, I am almost ashamed to mention them. But they have become quite popular and are frequently used in political conversations.

I could give you definitions of all these words, but that would be too lengthy. So when you go to the polls next Tuesday, please think about how your candidate would identify with some of these words.

Speaking of that election, we are learning that more Republicans will be voting than ever before. In other words, it will be unprecedented. And, the bulk of these Trump voters represent the “Trump Movement.”

By the way, in that column last week I learned that Mr. Ike Northrop owned that store alleged to be situated partly in Florida and partly in Alabama. However, our very good friend and avid reader of our column, Preston Solomon told me the store was actually located in the state of Florida. And Preston would certainly know about this because he lives not too far from where the store was located.

Now here is some news from 1986.

Coyotes went on a rampage and killed several cows in Little Rock back then. Floyd Bell and his son initiated a unique trapping method in an effort to snare these animals. The county animal control destroyed these “bandits” but not before concerned onlookers rode by his place to catch a quick view of them. Their skilful trapping enabled the neighbor’s cow to gaze peacefully from then on.

In other 1986 news, Ike Northrop was feted on his 100th birthday by many relatives and friends.

Ellen Maddox was named Chamber of Commerce Person of The Year and Gerald Philen became the new manager of Blanton’s Roller Rink, which was located at the old Graham Oil Company building.

Former Atmore resident Murray Greer passed away at his home in Eufaula. He had worked in an execute capacity for a number of years with Alabama Power Company.

The late Jeff McGehee took some time off from his busy traveling schedule to chair the 1986 Rotary Club sponsored Fiddlers Convention.

The Marianna, Fla. native who was affiliated with our local telephone company often said Atmore would become his permanent home. But after an unexpected illness he moved to North Carolina where he passed away. Jeff was involved in numerous community activities and he was responsible for many telephone employees receiving good retirement and insurance benefits.

The Alabama Cattlemen’s Association presented an award to James Black upon retiring from Production Credit Association.

In 1974, RL Watson and Steve Peterson were named football and baseball coaches, respectively, at Escambia Academy. Steve, who is married to Tony Albert’s daughter served for a number of years as head baseball coach at Middle Tennessee University.

And, speaking of MTSU, have you ever been up to that part of the country? If so, you would have seen those many cedar trees growing there. I think I have never seen an area of our country where there are so many cedar trees. It is a short ride from North Alabama traveling somewhat toward Nashville.

Do you remember that little Fujifilm instant camera? It was introduced in 1986 and boy was it ever popular. A record number of these cameras were sold that year. And a record number of “one hour” developing studios also came on the scene. Now look at it. The digital revolution entered the picture and sent these items into obscurity. You can hardly find a “one hour” studio today.

Next week we will have more news from years gone by.

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