Looking behind the curtain is quite fun

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Strolling along the Alabama sideline Saturday, one thing stood out to me about the players and coaches — they were in business mode.

While the Crimson Tide beat Mississippi State 51-3 in a shellacking, the team didn’t let up on their goal of winning. Even the stadium and event personnel had a business-like approach to the game.

Getting the opportunity to come and watch the football team from the sideline was an opportunity that I’ll never forget.

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Back in September, I went to a game and enjoyed my experience sitting on the north and south end zones, taking pictures.

Last week’s game was a little different because I took the time to look around me and see what others may not.

The first and most vivid thing that stood out to me were the cameras.

ESPN televised the early game and had all the stops, covering every angle of the action.

Flying across the field at different angles was the spider camera; in the stands were the stationary (I think that’s right) cameras covering plays; a camera on a crane was used to give sweeping shots of the crowd; and a steady cam operator provided a personal view point of the game.

Near the end of the game, the steady cam was being used to film a short segment that involved it moving out of the home tunnel. I was thinking that this might be for a later segment on ESPN.

By the time they finished the shot, the producers and other cameramen viewed the footage and were quite pleased with the result.

Another aspect of the game I hadn’t really noticed were those in charge of the schedule. People can be seen with clipboards full of the order of what happens during the game.

It was fascinating to see them work and the final result.