Looking back: ECSO finds whiskey stills in county

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The results of the recent election in November of 1966 was a clean sweep for the democrats.

I remember when just about everybody who lived in the south would vote for a Democrat, no matter who he was. My dad was pretty much that way. He felt like you should vote a straight democratic ticket. He and I had some big discussions about that.

The blood mobile was hoping to collect 165 pints of blood at the upcoming drive. Actually there were 167 pints collected so it was very successful.

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The football team from Atmore met with the team from Bay Minette to decide the Region 1, Class 3-A  championship. The Blue Devils went on to win the game and a photograph in The Atmore Advance showed the team members throwing Coach C.P. Floyd into the shower.

Fifty years ago, a new house was not such a major investment as it is today. Although I guess the amount of money that we had just did not go very far.

C. Cecil Martin Development had an ad in the newspaper that one could buy a new house for $8,000 to $40,000. That came out to $58.46 to $85.14 for the monthly payment for a new house.

Members of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Department found and arrested those who were running a couple of whiskey stills in the county. It was determined that the stills were capable of turning out 80 gallons of whiskey in a week.

Masland Carpets made the announcement that they were going to open a mill in Atmore. It was to employ 130 people and the cost of the building would be more than three million dollars.

SP4 James M. Kelly, a former student at Escambia County High School, was killed in Vietnam.

That was back in the day when each and everyone who was killed in Vietnam was noticed. Soon the case would be that so many were being killed, they couldn’t keep up with it. At least that is the way it seemed.

Vanity Fair in Atmore announced plans for a new line. They were beginning a line of robes and loungewear.

Apparently there were some disagreement within the Creek Nation as to who the chief was. Chief Calvin McGhee declared that he was the chief.