Red light, yellow light keep the intersection safe

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The intersection of South Main St. and Owens St. in Atmore can be a pickle to drive out of at times.

Last week, during a day when things required my mobility about town, I couldn’t help but notice that the light was malfunctioning. The four-way light’s caution (South Main St.) and stoplights (Owens St.) were blinking quite fast, and not in their normal fashion.

Putting a mental note to call the street department about it in the back of my head, I went on my way.

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Going throughout a busy day on Friday, I forgot about the light and to call the street department.

Driving back through town on Sunday after spending the weekend celebrating a best friend’s birthday, a pleasant surprise came in view as I was making a left turn onto Owens St. at the Atmore Advance office. The light was fixed.

Not only was it fixed, but two stop and caution lights were hung at the intersection.

Smiling as I made my turn, I thought, “Well that was quick.”

Thinking on it a little bit more, I’m not surprised that the light was fixed in a quick manner.

We in Atmore have a dedicated and hard-working city crew that does its best to keep the streets clean and in order.

Kudos to the street department, or whoever, hung the new lights in a quick manner.