Super Bowl has SEC fans excited

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Well, I come to you this week from Atmore Community Hospital. I have been here for five days and I am not sure when I will be released.

But I cannot complain because I am here with my computer and I am surrounded by some wonderful, wonderful nurses, doctors and hospital staff.

I fully intended to write about all these fine people today, but I am holding off until next week so that I can do a better job of telling folks about how these nice people have been looking after me.

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Also, Suzanne, my daughter in law from her capacity at ACH, is furnishing me some excellent news about an ongoing project here at the hospital. Folks will be delighted to get this news. I will include that in my column next week.

I sit in this hospital room watching these left wing TV channels condemning President (Donald) Trump for the overflow of immigrants at various airports around the country. But he stands his ground just as he said he would during the campaign.

It is purely ridiculous the manner in which these TV stations belittle him. However, I heard one Trump supporter on Fox News say each time he is ridiculed, more viewers are drawn to his side. And, some of the Fox News broadcasters are pointing out how the liberal press are actually lying in their newscasts.

The Super Bowl set this weekend has folks in the Southeastern Conference excited. That is because there will be an abundance of SEC players on the field. This is especially true for Alabama and Auburn fans because these two schools will be well represented on each team. It is almost like a revisit of the Iron Bowl.

Viewers down south will find plenty of excitement watching the game probably more than any other section of the county.

Now, taking a look at some local and area news from 1966, George Scoggin, the manager of Thompson’s fine Clothing, was elected president of the Atmore Jaycees.

W.M. Horton retired as principal of Davisville School and moved back to his former Union, Miss. home. His wife, Bernice, also an educator here, retired that same year.

Andalusia edged out our Little League All-Stars in a district Tournament held here.

Members of that team were Randy Hall, John Bachelor, Clint Smith, Curt Donaldson, Frankie Dailey, Gilbert Gorum, Larry Smith, Freddie Troutman, Mike Garrard, Don Ward, Julian Thomas, Jimbo Walker, Damon Bell and Charles Wood. John Bachelor Sr. and heron were the coaches.

Former ECHS basketball coach, Frank Cannon, took a job as physical education instructor at Yancey State (now Coastal Alabama Community College, and formerly Faulkner State Community College).

Forgive me for writing such a short column this week. But I hope to be back at home next week with a full column.

By the way thank you for the many well wishes you have sent me.

Next week, we will take a look at more news from years gone by.

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