AFD deserves a pat on back for service

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, March 22, 2017

When my text alert goes off on my phone, I know someone is getting some help somewhere.

Linked to the Atmore Fire Department’s emergency and medical calls, texts come to me with audio of every call that goes to the first responders.

No matter the time of day or night, I’ll get a text. Sometimes I’ll miss the text alerts because I’m in la-la land and sometimes I’ll catch them if I am in a period of light sleep.

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On a recent structure fire call, I couldn’t help but notice how well each firefighter, along with the Atmore police officers, worked together to battle the blaze.

Training kicked in for each of the responders as they battled the blaze. Typically, when I arrive on scene, I’ll take as many pictures as I can and sit back and wait until they have the situation in hand.

Last week, our Leadership Atmore class toured government facilities in the city and we got the dime on the AFD.

We saw where they sleep, if they do sleep, and how they are woken up when an emergency arises.

A loud speaker that hangs on the ceiling awakes firefighters. As Chief Ronald Peebles said, “That’ll wake them up.”

Can I get one of those, chief?

Every time I venture out to a fire call or wreck, it seems like I learn or see something new.

In addition to the fire calls, the AFD responds to medical calls, which make up more than the majority of the text alerts I receive.

I know it can be cumbersome to the first responders, but I know that when I hear my text alert, somebody is going to get some help.