Looking back: The APD was searching for a shooter

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fifty years ago, the Atmore police were searching for the person who shot a man in the back as the man was sitting on a couch in a mobile home on North Main Street. Later, there was a person arrested for the crime and charged with assault with intent to commit murder.

Some prices of the time at A&P were Eight O’ Clock coffee for 59 cents a pound, bananas for 10 cents a pound and Crest toothpaste selling for two tubes for 55 cents. Those were some good prices, but at the same time Helton’s Tire and Appliance had a sale on color televisions. They had an RCA (didn’t say what size screen) for $555 and they would throw in an antenna for free.

This is another example of electronics as compared to today. I have noticed that most things have gone up in price, but electronic prices have gone down. So far as I can tell, that is the only field where that is true. In the last 50 years, that is the field that has changed so much. I come from the time when not everyone had a television in their homes. We didn’t for a while after they came out, and color was not even thought of. It was the same as with telephones. They went down in price for a while, but today they are changing every day and the prices are outrageous.

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There was a photograph in The Atmore Advance of a two-month old goat standing on the back of a cow. It seems that the goat had discovered he could jump onto the back of the cow and he liked it there. Maybe the view was better, but it looked very strange.

The Twin County Coonhunters Club show was held in Atmore drawing 75 dogs from five states. My brother-in-law would have loved that one. He raises hunting dogs and goes to all sorts of shows.

The Atmore City Council was chosen to decide the policeman and fireman of the year for the Atmore American Legion. J.B. Redmon was selected as policeman and Elzie Harrison was chosen fireman of the year.

A ground breaking ceremony was held for the new Church of Christ on the corner of Horner and Presley Streets.

The Grand Jury met and reported that the county jail in Brewton was in “deplorable” condition.