Local Boy Scouts visited reservation

Published 12:06 am Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Over the past few years, I have written about different methods to reduce monthly payments for my TV service.

A couple of years ago, I told you about the advantages of Smart TV. But, today, I want to inform you of a new service, which I subscribed to last week. It is called PlayStation Vue and it is operated by the Sony Co.

First of all, you must be a subscriber to the Internet to get this service because it comes to you right over the Internet. That means no cables or satellite dishes are needed. Actually there are three other services out there that carry these type programs (Sling TV, Direct TV and AppleTV) but a couple of them do not carry Fox News and ESPN.

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Also, you must have a set top box to bring in these stations. These boxes have a onetime cost of $39 to $69. I use a box called ROKU. I think I paid $39 for it.

My PSVUE  (we will refer to it by this name) costs me only $34.99 a month. That is $60 cheaper than my previously owned Dish monthly premium. My total Internet and TV monthly premium now is only $89 a month.

But take a look at what I am getting. Fox News, Fox Business News, all ESPN and SEC channels, Turner Classic Movies, Discovery and many other channels are at my fingertips. And, they beam in vivid HD quality. Actually, I believe the HD on my PSVUE is better than when I owned Dish.

The only drawback is changing channels. It is a little awkward to maneuver from channel to channel, but with a little practice I have become quite efficient in my maneuvering, however.

Recording is also available on most channels. Local channels (3, 5, 10, 15) are not included, but I easily solved that problem. I connected my amplified indoor antenna to the ROKU box and the locals come in clear as a bell without costing me a dime. That’s right, they are totally free.

Referring to ROKU, I also get a world of other free channels, mostly movies, documentaries and old TV shows. There are literally thousands of these programs on the ROKU box.

My ROKU and PSVUE were purchased online. There was no need to travel outside my home to buy these products. And, my monthly $34.99 PSVUE payment is drawn from my bank account.

So, why do I tell you all this? Well, we have entered the digital age and this is the forerunner of what lies ahead in TV reception. It seems these methods change almost overnight. But for the time being that which I am outlining to you is really the “in thing” in today’s world of TV reception. Not only is it a neat way of watching TV, but you can readily see how much money you save by joining up. Don’t get me wrong. I am not promoting this service. I am merely sharing it with you explaining the simple operations of it all in the event you want to be a part of.

Now, in some news from 1966.

Mrs. Tom Turk was the big winner of Piggly Wiggly’s “Match and Cash” game. Her prize of $500 was awarded to her by store manager Bob Carraway.

ECHS student Frances Earle won a music endowment scholarship to Huntingdon Collage. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Earle, the musically talented student, was a member of the National Honor Society. I enjoy conversations on occasions with her when she has lunch at Busters. Her husband, Wayne, is always “right on the spot” when he helps me with a timely jewelry selection for Ouida each Christmas.

Prizes were awarded three area farmers for harvesting first bales of cotton that fall. The winners were Clyde Peacock of Little Rock, S.R. Ganey of Rabun and Carry Harris of Uriah. Those firms awarding the prizes respectively were Atmore Truckers Association, Atmore Milling Elevator Company and Frank Currie Gin.

Bishop Lyons was awarded Vocational Education Teacher of the Year. The Atmore Training School instructor was later recognized for his educational contributions for his service at Escambia County High School where he retired.

Russell Stillings, long time Canoe native and local dry cleaning businessman passed away that year. He was the brother of Canoe post mistress Nell Hill and uncle of Dr. Robert Hill.

Three local Boy Scouts attended Philmont, New Mexico National Scout Reservation in the summer of 1966. They were Richard Maxwell, Gary Fayard and Charles Rabon.

It seems only a few weeks ago we celebrated our fall festival and now I am hearing rumblings about Mayfest. Here it is April and already I understand plans are in high gear for that uplifting spring fling. Tilly The turtle and all those other festival-like characters will have to dust off their dons and get ready for that big event.

Did you know some say there are almost as many “frivolous” lawsuits as there are positive ones? I will have more about this in an upcoming column. I will also tell you about a radio broadcast I heard a few nights ago relating the woes of an out of state  attorney’s secretary who was slapped on her wrists for discussing cases.

Finally, here is a big thanks to Brad Wooten for his professional advice in diagnosing my recent plumbing problem. Taking no fee for his help, he is most worthy and deserves due recognition. There are other service folks out there whom I will recognize in a later column.

Next week, we will have more news from years gone by.

“….yes it always whispers to me…those days of long ago…”

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