Perfect weather came for a great weekend

Published 12:05 am Wednesday, April 12, 2017




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As the continuous shots rang throughout Bushy Creek Clays in Perdido, there was one thing that came across my mind — the beautiful weather.

We, as many like to say, had some chamber of commerce weather over the weekend.

If you were stuck inside, then you missed out on clear blue skies and perfect spring temperatures.

I was at Bushy Creek because the Atmore Rotary Club held its annual Benefit Clay Shoot.

For about four hours, competitors took aim at biodegradable clays, sat down to a good lunch and had fun fellowshipping.

As a member of the media, of course, I went around taking pictures of shooters and other aspects of the event.

Thankfully, I remembered to bring my earplugs to muffle out the loud shotgun blasts.

Once the event was over, I trucked it over to Escambia Academy for the AISA Class 1A-3A state junior varsity track and field championship meet.

The Cougars’ boys won the title by a wide margin, but the girls finished in fourth.

I really enjoyed being there, even though I missed the field events. I made it in time for the running events and stayed long enough to know that EA had won the title a second-straight time.

Again, the weather and fellowship with other people I’ve gotten to know really worked out well.

However, by the time I got ready to leave, I crashed.

You see, the sun has this way of draining all of the energy out of me. I wish I was like Superman in that respect. At least he regenerates once he is exposed to a yellow sun.

Of course I tried to stay out of the sunlight as much as possible as I forgot to bring my sun screen.

Being a fair-skinned fellow, I did get a little sunburn, but not much.

when I made it to Fairhope Saturday night to see the parents, I told my mom that it was a long day, but I was thankful because I got to spend the whole day outside.