We need to pick better Governors here on out

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What is the matter with us? It’s probably not a good thing that we Alabamians seem like we’re better at picking football coaches than governors. I mean, I know we couldn’t have predicted what would happen with now-former Gov. Robert Bentley, but let’s be honest with ourselves: This isn’t the first time.

George Wallace made us look like the official racism state of America; Guy Hunt was forced to resign; and Don Siegelman eventually ended up in prison. And now this with Bentley. I know it’s not something sudden; we’ve been talking about what was going to happen to the “Luv Guv” for quite a while. But, now that it’s over, it’s hard not to look back and wonder why it all happened. I mean, it’s almost as if, following his election, someone said to Bentley, “Hey, you can’t mess up any worse than those guys did.” And his response was, “Hold my beer.”

I mean, does power just corrupt? Or, has he always been this way and he just saw being governor as a way to overcome the fact he bares a striking resemblance to Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons?”

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And, I know the biggest issues we have here are the way he misused money to cover up whatever he was doing outside of his marriage, but infidelity alone is enough for me. I know affairs happen all the time; I’m not naïve. But, if the man couldn’t keep the vows he made to his wife, what on Earth should surprise us that he couldn’t keep the Oath of Office he made to all of us?

And Mrs. Bentley is honestly the person I feel for the most. We get to move on now into a new chapter in our state’s history; a better chapter, I hope. Meanwhile, she will deal with the repercussions of this scandal for the rest of her life. And not only did this terrible thing happen to her decades into her marriage, the nasty details have garnered national attention thanks to the fact we all now carry around a little computer in our pockets. Can you imagine the embarrassment? Obviously, it isn’t her fault, but we all know she must feel humiliated that the man she chose to be her husband violated her trust and we ALL get to read every small detail. But, she shouldn’t be the only one who feels slighted. He violated our trust too. We’re all victims of this and it’s sad that we’re dealing with a scandal in Montgomery,…again.

Bentley’s pitiful decision making continued when he officially resigned Monday. His speech seemed more like a man receiving a promotion than someone stepping down from office in shame. He did apologize, but it sounded very insincere and much more like a reprimanded child being told, “Now you say you’re sorry.” Had that been the actual case, after his speech, mom or dad probably would have said, “Now, Robert. You go back out there and say it like you mean it.”

But, hopefully Gov. Kay Ivey can right the ship and we can leave Bentley and his disgraceful actions in the past. Even if she can’t, at least we know one of our teams will probably make it to the College Football Playoffs again this year. Priorities, I guess.