Looking back: In 1982, kids left a mess for store owners

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, April 19, 2017

In 1982, 35 years ago, it was sort of quiet around Atmore. Nothing big was happening, but there was a group of citizens who were complaining about the parking problems at Adams Plaza.

It seems that groups (teens and others) were gathering at the Plaza and then leaving their mess for the store owners to clean up. Littering was happening and just

plain old junk was being left there.

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There was a fire at Escambia County High School. It was thought that it was caused by some greasy rags. It was to be investigated but there was no damage done.

There was an article about the design for the planned memorial for those who died in Vietnam. Plans were being made and some people did not like the design at all. It was to be a wall with one end buried in the dirt and covered with the names of those who died. It was said that it looked like a big slash in the earth and didn’t like it.

Well, we all know what happened there. Have you seen the wall? I would advise everyone who goes to Washington, to take a walk down by the wall. I don’t know why, but every time I have seen it, it has brought me to tears. It is in a prominent place on the mall, but for some reason, people seem to approach it and stand silently reading the names. It gets very quiet and people just stand there and put their hand on the wall. Each word spoken  is very quiet. I guess the pull is because it was the first war where we watched it unfold in front of the television every night. There is just something about it. If you ever get the chance, go there and see how it affects you.

In order to raise money for mental health, volunteers were set up to sell honey with a dollar of each jar going to the group.

State prisoners from Fountain Corrections were called upon to clean up along side the roadways.

I know that they used to do that, but for whatever the reason, they stopped it. I would think that a prisoner would be glad to get out of jail for a little while, even if he had to pick up a little trash.

That’s just me.

Piggly Wiggly offered picnic hams for 79 cents a pound; fryers for 49 cents a pound; and milk for $1.79 a gallon.

A 27-year old was arrested for a shooting spree. He claimed that he was not guilty because of insanity.

Noted teacher, Marva Collins, was honored by a parade and a reception.

Lastly, a man near the Fla.-Ala. line found a note attached to the remains of a balloon asking the finder to contact them. It seems that a school class in Mississippi turned the balloons loose and that one had flown a long way to be found.