Looking back: Lassiter’s catfish weighed 41 pounds

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Forty-five years ago, in 1972, The Atmore Advance was full of ads trying to get the population out to vote. It was a time to elect candidates for various positions.

A quota of 200 pints had been set for the next visit of the bloodmobile at city hall.

I may be wrong about this but it seems that the quotas were higher and there were bigger collections every time they had blood drives.

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What’s with that?

Presley Street Baptist Church reached a milestone when the church members were able to have a “note burning day,” where they finally paid the note off.

Kwik Chek was having a pretty good sale. They had three dozen eggs for $1; 10 pounds of charcoal for 69 cents; chuck roast for 59 cents a pound and 58 cents for a pound of coffee. These were pretty good prices, even in those days.

Rupert Lassiter caught a catfish at the Alabama River that weighed 41 pounds. Now that size might sound like a tall tale, but the man had a picture of it. That was some fish.

Teacher Mary Brantley was honored on her retirement at Rachel Patterson School after teaching for the past 27 years.

Another teacher, B.E. Lyons, the Escambia County High School Vocational Agricultural instructor was given the Outstanding Achievement Award.

These teachers work so hard. It’s nice when they are recognized by their peers.

The Symposium Club was to have a womanless wedding and they had a whole gaggle of ladies that were a little rough around the edges to play the parts.

I have seen these things through the years and they are always too funny for words. Let’s just say that some of the “actresses” lay it on pretty thick and really get into their parts.

This makes me think about my brother and his part in a womanless wedding. I saw the photograph and thought that he wasn’t a bad looking woman. Then as I looked closer, it turned out that he looked just like a cousin of ours. To hear him tell it, he made a beautiful young woman. I would not go that far. He said the toughest problem he had was to find a pair of heels that was big enough for him and then not

fall off of them.

After a long dry spell, it began to rain and area farmers were able to see some relief.

I didn’t realize that 45 years ago, tennis was popular, but in 1972, the Atmore tennis team beat Mobile for a playoff spot.