Letter to the Editor for Wed., May 17, 2017

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, May 17, 2017

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day. Just one day – Ha!

We should do it every day and officially at least four times a year – summer Mother’s Day, fall Mother’s day, etc.

Mothers are “special people,” but I want to point out some special mothers. They are the mothers that chose to be mothers by adopting and the mothers that chose to be foster parents. Awhile back, I was talking to someone about someone who adopted a child.  She said that she was adopted and that her adopted parents “chose to love her,” a special and sometimes deeper love.

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I totally understood what she was talking about. When I was 9 months old, my mom and dad divorced. Shortly after the divorce, my mom remarried a man who had a sister that didn’t have to work. Because both my mom and step-dad worked long hours, they asked my aunt to keep me those longer hours.

Over the years it came to a point where I would stay overnight and then weekly, monthly and even to elementary school years. My aunt and uncle chose to love me.  The people who choose to adopt and foster parents are special people. Surely God has a special place in Heaven for them and we should let them know that they are special. Some people can’t have children the normal way and “choose to love” someone else’s natural born child that they can’t for some reason or another can’t take care of them.

I think that those who can’t have their own children but adopt or foster some else’s children are “picked by God.” Many times children who are up for adoption have problems — drug babies, deformities, mental problems, etc. Yet these angels – mothers – parents do what God has asked them to do.

So, to all you mothers – Happy Mother’s Day and to you, special mothers – God Bless and Keep you.

Thank you!

By Walt Butler