Looking back: The Atmore Jaycees put up a sign for headquarters

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Forty-five years ago, in 1972, two Atmore brothers were involved in an accident that occurred near Jay, Fla. Both of them were thrown from the car as it rolled over and over. The 17 year old was killed outright, and the 20 year old was transported, first to Jay Hospital and then on to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, Fla.

OTASCO was broken into and a former resident of Wisconsin was arrested. According to Police Chief, James Dixon, the suspect had only been in Atmore for six days before getting caught robbing the business. There was another burglary that same week that was very similar, and the chief said they were continuing to investigate.

Both potatoes and cucumbers were harvested in large numbers, which was expected to help the local economy, according to Escambia County Extension Agent Ed Knowles.

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Here is one that cracks me up. A sale at West Brothers in Atmore advertised girdles for $1.67, bras for 57 cents and shoes for 77 cents. What was so funny about this one was that I know a lady who bought a new bra in Pensacola just the other day and paid around $50 for it. So far as girdles go, one would be doing pretty good to even find one for sale anywhere.

Recently I wrote about the fashion, or lack thereof, back in the day.

It made me think about the way fads run in our clothing. Those plaid flared leg pants back in the 70s would draw a chuckle out of most of us. I am almost 77 years old and believe me, I have seen the styles change many times. If you save your old clothes, they will come back into style. The grown-up heels that my friend and I clumped around in when we were little girls playing dress-up are back in style. In fact, they are worse and don’t even talk about the things some people wear out in public. Most of the time they have so little fabric in them and, for some reason, some people think they are beautiful. I think a person who wears a few more clothes makes a better impression. Why not leave something to the imagination? Well, now I have to get off that soap box.

The Atmore Jaycees put up a sign on their new headquarters, the former city hall.

The Singer store had a sewing machine for $69. Now this was a great price. I remember very well my first sewing machine. I saw an ad in a newspaper with a low price. My husband and I drove to Dothan to buy one of them while they were so cheap. Well, he made straight for one that was being demonstrated and he never looked back. We left Sears that day with a top-of-the-line machine. Fifty-five years later, I still have it.

One last thing, Piggly Wiggly was selling a giant box of Tide detergent for 69 cents.