Help me, others see those lit numbers

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, June 28, 2017

With the rain beating down on my car, visibility wasn’t the best.

On a wet night not too long ago, I helped Allison run the paper route.

Our carrier wasn’t able to perform the task and I was excited about the opportunity, even if it meant having to stay up way too late on a Tuesday night.

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Thankfully, there weren’t any sports going on or any news stuff to attend, so I went home and took about a two-hour nap. I was tired anyway because it was after a Tuesday and that’s my busiest day of the week.

Once I fed myself and got a shower (I needed it, trust me) I hung around my apartment for a bit before getting to the office around midnight to get a couple things done before the route.

The paper truck from Andalusia gets to Atmore between 12:30-1 a.m. The driver has to make various stops where the paper goes.

The truck arrived and I started unloading papers to get ready for bagging. The reason why we bagged the paper was because it was going to rain that night.

So, after about an hour of bagging 122 papers, we trudged off into the wet night.

It was dark and as I stated earlier, visibility was an issue.

Allison was my guide as I didn’t really know the lay of the neighborhoods. I was thankful because it would’ve taken me all night if I did it myself.

The one thing that irked the both of us was that there were some houses where we couldn’t see their address numbers.  There were times where we’d have to turn around several times to get a closer look or go back to a house that we missed because we couldn’t see their house numbers.

While there were some that we couldn’t see, some house numbers were shining bright as day from the reflection of my headlights.

Those house numbers actually weren’t on the houses, they were posted on a piece of 4×4 wood. After doing a little investigating, the Atmore Fire Department sells these house numbers and will even come out and put them in your yard.

If memory serves, the sign itself costs $20 and with the post, it’s $25.

A suggestion to me to help resolve this problem is for there to be a city ordinance or to add something to the water bill that would help pay for a sign.

Not being able to see house numbers effects the AFD and other emergency personnel as well.

When we got done with the paper route, about 2-and-a-half hours later, we went home satisfied with our work, but frustrated at what wasn’t seen.