Talent comes in many forms here

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It is very satisfying to write about people with unique talents. Atmore is fortunate to boast about some of these folks.

Talent comes in all forms like music, singing, writing, carpentry, athletes and art. Today, I want to expose the art talents of four former local and area residents.

Martha Bell, who grew up here, has become known as one of the more talented artist for her outstanding paintings. Just this week she rendered a painting on Facebook of a friend’s son. Those who knew him swore the painting was an exact replica of him. She is known for capturing the likeness of her subjects. Many other paintings by this talented lady appear on Facebook.

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Her works can be seen on display throughout the state and her floral paintings also draw the attention of avid appreciators of art.

A visit to her Facebook page will shower you with countless painting she has rendered over the past several years.

Another lady who is known for her paintings is Marlene Nall Joint, the daughter of Mildred Nall Hanson. Marlene began her education here and later at the Universities of Alabama and Southern Miss.

Now living in beautiful south Baldwin near the Gulf, you will see her works on display at our Williams Station Day and Mayfest as well as other area fall and spring affairs. Not only does she paint, but she produces most conspicuously generated crafts. Her craft booths are always one of the main attractions at our carnivals. She, too, draws raves and notices from her Facebook products. Many of her offerings lean toward items of historical significance.

A childhood friend of mine from Perdido cashed in his art talent to a fulltime business in Mobile. The late Ray Chambliss, who attended early school days with me, was popular among our classmates for his drawings depicting our comic book heroes like Superman, Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon and others.

His work in Mobile involved his painting signs, emblems and lettering on city vehicles like fire trucks, police cars, etc. He told me one time he would get on the cab of a truck and letter a door while flat on his back. Imagine the talent he possessed painting on his back as opposed to doing it the normal way.

A man with an unusual talent in another realm was Ray Lambert. His upholstery business was extremely popular for those wanting their furniture finished off in a brilliant manner. And that is what Ray did. He could take an old piece if furniture and turn it into a prize showpiece. He could also dress up the interior of an automobile as well. His son maintains that family legacy today in their business on East Nashville Avenue.

Many homes in Atmore today probably contain works from Ray’s creative hands.

I know there are many others out there with talents. In time, I hope to showcase their offerings, too.

I cannot express the satisfaction I enjoy from writing about talented friends like these. I appreciate so much The Atmore Advance allowing me to bring you stories of this nature each week. Writing now for these first 10 years, I feel like I am just getting started. There are many more folks out there I still want to write about.

Now, let’s take a look at some news from the year 1973.

The Miss Little Queen that year was Cathy Smith, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Smith.

Sherry Robinson, former ECHS and Auburn University grad, was selected Miss Lee County in the Miss Alabama Contest in Birmingham. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Robinson, she took top honors in the talent contest.

A gala grand opening was held at The Adams Plaza Shopping Center in the fall of 1973. Piggly Wiggly, Revco Drug Store and TG&Y Family Center were the main anchors in the Center. Jack Lovely transferred from Oklahoma to manage TG&Y. He remained with that company for a number of years until his retirement. He spent those retirement years at his cottage at Bryant’s Landing until he returned to his native Oklahoma a few years ago.

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Only a few weeks ago, I read where online high school courses are becoming available. In fact, I would like my to create my own web site, to help those who do not understand simple parts of speech, self expressions, sentencing diagramming and basic roots of English like nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, etc. So many graduates go into the world today without the knowledge of these basic skills.

Next week, we will have more from days gone by.

“Yes……it always whispers to me……..those days of long ago…….”