Fourth brings memories of fireworks

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, July 5, 2017

When the Fourth of July celebrations get closer and closer, my mind tends to think back to my younger days in Fairhope.

Every year, we as a family, would walk down to the grassy knoll that just looks over a cliff leading down to the bay and watch a spectacular display of fireworks.

Now, every year’s show was different. Some were better than others, and some were just OK.

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In the time leading up to the fireworks show, we’d always read in the paper what was coming up as far as the celebration is concerned, and how much money was spent on this year’s fireworks.

Not surprising, the cost of the fireworks went up with each passing year.

We lived — my parents still live in the house I grew up in — not that far from the bay and Fairhope Pier area.

Walking down Church Street, we took one of the many streets in the fruit and nut section of the city.

The street would start to decline when we made the turn. Walking down the street was the easiest part. Walking up the street, well, it wasn’t fun at all.

Once we made it down to the cliff, we’d stop by my best friend’s rental house and hang for a bit to let the sun set.

Then, it would be showtime.

We all would pick out a spot ahead of time and once the time came, sat down and enjoyed the show.

Like today, the loud bangs and bright colors stood out to me.

“These aren’t bottle rockets,” I thought many times.

As the show went on, I anxiously awaited the grand finale.

The grand finale is a moment in time when several hundred fireworks are shot off literally at the same time, creating a canopy of lights and loud bangs.

Being a Harry Potter fan, I’m sure Fred and George Weasley would’ve been proud of the grand finales.

Once the last bang went off, the crowd, which was huge every year, would start clapping and hooting and hollering.

While we walked back up the hill back to the house, my ears would still be ringing, but I would also be thinking about the years’ past Fourth celebrations.

Make this year a Fourth of July you’ll never forget like I did so many times before.

Happy Fourth!