Looking back: Evergreen saved its depot, too; break ins here

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, August 30, 2017

In 1992, the news told of the problems of the county jail. What we have today in the justice system is much the way it was then.

Jails were over crowded and lacking space to house all the inmates they already had. At the same time, state prisoners were being housed in the county jails because state facilities were in the same shape. The Grand Jury met and reported that more than 200 indictments were returned, but there was no place to put them and add to all that, budget cuts were being made.

I have a son in prison. Now I don’t say that to be bragging, but it’s the truth. He put himself where he is, but he is still my son. He has told me of some of the problems they have in jail and they are not pretty. Yes, they are overcrowded, but not having anything to do is one of the biggest problems they have. Decent food rations might help.

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Now I don’t say they should be pampered, but don’t just lock them up without something to do.

Now I am off that soap box and I am moving on. It was reported that there had been a problem with break-ins in homes in the area. The thieves were targeting silver and jewelry. They stopped for a while and it was thought that they had moved on, but a couple of weeks later they came back.

It was reported in The Atmore Advance that a Brewton man was facing charges in a sex-for-pay  deal.

Richard D. Brogden was named dean of Reid State.

Three cheerleaders from Ernest Ward High School had been selected to go to London where they would perform. The girls were trying to raise the money for the trip.

Although the SAIL Site was pretty well attended by seniors, Mrs. Johnson, the director of the center, said they needed new blood and would like to see some youngsters in their 60s. Mrs. Johnson was in her 80s. She said, to her, those in the 60s were young to her.

I know what she meant. When I was 40, I thought anyone who was 55 years old was young. Then when I was 60, I thought someone who was 75 was old. Then I turned 77 and, I think I am close to being old.

A dedication was held for the new train depot. This was a great save by the city. The train depot in Atmore has been recognized all over the world. When my husband was working at FoodFair and Piggly Wiggly in Atmore, he brought me a picture of the depot taken in a snowfall.

It is just beautiful. Evergreen saved their depot too, but Brewton tore theirs down. I don’t know why. Maybe they had a good reason.