Looking back: The city raised its sales tax to 8 percent

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Twenty years ago, in 1997, the Escambia Sheriff’s Department was investigating an apparent murder-suicide on Hwy. 113, north of Flomaton. Two small children were found on the living room floor and a man was on a bed nearby. The children were deceased and the man died soon after arriving at the hospital. The deaths were discovered by the children’s mother when she returned to the house. What a shock that must have been.

The Atmore Police were investigating a triple shooting to determine just what happened and arrests were expected soon.

The Blue Devils opened their season at home against Bay Minette. The Blue Devils had a new mascot and a contest was being held as what he would be named. The game drew more than 3,000 people and the Bay Minette team came out on top, but there was no doubt about the enthusiasm of the game.

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The Escambia County Commission blasted the cable company for raising the prices without a legitimate explanation. It would be nice to hear about the lowering of prices once in a while.

People now-a-days do have some of the strangest animals for pets. A pot-bellied pig was running about the streets of Atmore, as the paper said, “just looking for a home. I don’t know what happened to him, but maybe he found that someone who could appreciate him. My granddaughter once had an iguana and that was pretty strange to me. I do not like lizards of any size or color. You can’t convince me that they will not turn on you someday. Now, the one my granddaughter had just disappeared one day. What is wrong with a cat or a dog?

Now here’s another strange one for you. In the newspaper 20 years ago was an article about a woman from the McCall community that was making jelly out of kudzu flowers. I have not seen any of that, but I believe it could be done. My brother used to explore new trends and one of them was collecting day lilies. Not only did he have all kinds of the lilies, but he made wine out of some of the flowers. Don’t ask me how it tasted. I have no idea, but his venture into wine-making from day lilies did not last, just as raising honey bees, raising rabbits to cook for dinner, and talking to people far and wide on his CB radio. He said you never know if you don’t try it.

The City of Atmore raised its sales tax to eight percent and boy did they hear from all of you. After a couple of weeks of everybody raising cane, they decided to table the discussion for later.

Two men arguing in a bar led to the death of one of the patrons. Now you are asking for trouble by mixing alcohol with loud mouths. Somebody is going to get hurt.

Three Atmore children were charged with burglaries at A.C. Moore Elementary School. Notice I said “children” were charged.

Police responding to an accident found the vehicle on Presley Street, but the driver was gone. My guess is he was up to no good or he would not have “flown the coop.”