Letter to the Editor for Wed., Oct. 4, 2017

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A few weeks ago, a professional football player refused to stand as the National Anthem was being played or sung before a football game. This individual showed great disrespect for our nation, our flag, our veterans, our military, and most important of all, all those soldiers that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

There are many that have given their lives for this nation and for the many freedoms that we enjoy today. In my mind’s eye, I can still see the numerous while crosses that mark the gravesites of the brave men and women that gave their all that this great nation might remain free. Have you ever been to Arlington National Cemetery or any other national cemetery across this nation?

I served a lot on “honor guards” for many brave soldiers that gave their all for this country. How can anyone dishonor the individuals that have made it possible to them (the NFL) to make millions of dollars while living in a free country (all made possible because of these soldiers’ sacrifice)?

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All living soldiers should be as angry as I am and I hope they are. All soldiers give a portion of their lives serving this great nation. Many have given their eyes, arms, legs and their health for this nation. My question is; what has the National Football League ever given this nation in the way of sacrifice? Absolutely Nothing!! They must not have any idea about the blood, sweat, and tears that go into protecting this great nation. Most of them won’t even stand. If they hate this nation, why don’t they leave and find them a country that would appreciate their disrespect (maybe North Korea, Russia, Cuba, Syria, etc.)

All this disrespect started with one sour apple (Colin Kaepernick). The old saying, “One rotten apple will spoil the whole bushel” is true. As I watched the news, I saw only one real hero (standing alone) as the National Anthem was being played. I have great respect for this Army Ranger. As for the rest of the Pittsburg Steelers, the coaching staff, the owners, etc., I was greatly disappointed.

The bias news media wants to blame President Trump for the disrespect that was shown to our nation and military (both living and dead). President Trump was not the one that set on his hindquarters or went to one knee. President Trump is not the dividing force. The division is the NFL, NBA, Hollywood, and the news media. Why is the news media so quick to condemn the innocent and protect the instigators? Why doesn’t the news media speak out against the disrespect of our veterans, our wounded warriors, our flag, our country and our fallen heroes?

I hope that all American families can see what an American hero really is. The one thing it is not is someone who can run fast and jump high. The true heroes of our country are the ones that sacrifice their lives to protect our country and our freedoms. This list includes our policemen, our firemen, and many more that put their lives on the line each and every day.

I gave a portion of my life serving my country, so I have a double right to “freedom of speech.” Teach your children to respect real heroes, not numbers on a jersey that means nothing to our country. As for me, I will not support the NFL or the NBA. The average cost of a NFL ticket is $171.00. I refuse to watch them play (even on T.V.) or to buy their junk. I refuse to help these millionaires’ disrespect our country.

All this disrespect started with one individual. We have lost a lot of good things because of one or two individuals such as; prayer in schools, the Ten Commandments removed from our courthouses, crosses being removed from public property, etc. All these things were good and helpful to many, but just a few spoiled what was good for all.


Leon Chavers,

Walnut Hill, Fla. 32568-5329