Photographing Bama game was quite fun

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Pulling into the parking space, the clock blared 3:29 a.m.

That was the conclusion of a long and pretty good day.

Last Saturday, this writer had the privilege of going to cover the Alabama-Ole Miss football game in Tuscaloosa. This was the second press pass assignment for the season. My last is in November, when the Crimson Tide hosts Mercer University.

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Around noon, I left Atmore, drove through Monroeville and hit up Highways 5, 25, 43 and 69, until I reached my destination.

Now, as you probably have noticed in my previous columns, I tend to lean toward the University of Alabama and Troy University in football fandom.

Simply put, I grew up a Crimson Tide fan. I went to college and graduated from Troy.

As a member of the media, over the years I’ve learned to leave my bias in my car when I make these trips to cover these football games. Maintaining a level of objectiveness is crucial.

I try to do this at every local game, too.

Before I go further, just note that it had been about a year since I covered a game at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

I forgot where the media will call window was located at the stadium. When I arrived, I made a beeline to the stadium map. Using what geographical skills I had, I located the entrance and a short time later, I was in line to pick up my credentials for the game.

Once I was settled, I contacted my younger brother, who was coming to see the game with a good friend of his. We hung out some before the game, and split once it was 30 minutes to kick off. The game began at 8 p.m. CST, which is late.

Entering the stadium way before kick off, there wasn’t anybody there. When I went in, the coliseum-like structure was packed to the brim.

As it should be expected, given Alabama’s history with the Oxford team.

Pretty soon, as I began to take photos from the sideline, the game got way out of hand and the Crimson Tide was in firm control. By halftime, I was already thinking about my route back to Atmore and when would be the best time to make my escape to beat the crowds.

When I rode in on one of the many shuttle services UA offers, the driver came on the loud system and announced that if riders want to not have to wait long after the game, they’d need to leave after the third quarter.

I had two options — either leave after the third quarter or just wait it out.

Once the third quarter ended, I made my way back to the media room and waited until about halfway through the fourth to leave.

I walked away feeling very satisfied with my photography work from the game. I captured some really good shots.

When I returned back to Atmore, I even spent a few minutes looking at my work while I wound down.

I smiled when I finally went to bed because it was the end of a good day.

Oh, and Go Trojans.