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Griffin is a wearer of many hats at ECMS

The following article was written by Tiffany Hobbs, sixth grade ELA teacher at Escambia County Middle School.

A supervisor.

A counselor.

A problem solver.

An advisor.

An inspirational leader.

The above is just a small list of titles our Assistant Principal Kem Griffin holds. Our AP wears many hats throughout the school year and during the summer months when the students are away.

While Mrs. Griffin balances all her roles, she plays an active role in supporting instruction and concentrating on our students’ academic achievement.

Kem Griffin is a little lady with big leadership skills.

Mrs. Griffin’s amazing guidance stems from her experience in the classroom and her knowledge of the importance of the overall well being of our students. Prior to stepping into the leadership position at Escambia County Middle School, Mrs. Griffin served as a school counselor in Mobile County.

Her ability to change from principal mode to counselor mode is remarkable. Whether Mrs. Griffin is advising her teachers or counseling our students, she takes pride in meticulously assessing all situations to ensure success.

Mrs. Griffin works extremely hard to lead all of us in striving for our main goal: growth.

We are so thankful to have her. She truly is a breath of fresh air.

“A great principal builds character, inspires dreams, encourages creativity, builds confidence, instills a love of learning, touches our hears, and changes our lives forever.”