Seeing fall colors was welcome site on trip

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The driving distance from Atmore to Dothan is 125 miles.

In between those mile markers are an abundance of fall colors.

Last weekend was a pre-planned trip to the Wiregrass city for my friends and me. We went and saw the new Thor movie, “Thor: Ragnarok.” The film was great, and I really enjoyed it. I highly recommend seeing the film.

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Once I made my way out of Atmore and onto Highway 31, the colors began to rapidly change from greens to oranges and even reds once I traversed just north of Canoe.

When I got to Brewton, the colors seemed to be everywhere as more trees are prevalent in our neighboring city. Hurricane Ivan took care of most of our tree population, I’d wager.

The stretch from Brewton to Andalusia is about 45 minutes.

Driving on the two-lane Highway 29, I couldn’t help but feel encapsulated within a fall painting as each color stroke appeared as I flew by. No, I wasn’t speeding, I promise. Maybe.

Having lived in Andalusia for some eight years, I knew my way to Dothan from there like the back of my hand. In fact, I know the route quite well now. I learned of the trek from Atmore to Brewton when I had to drive the van a few times to pick up papers.

Still, the Wiregrass area of the state has fall colors and it was a joy to see them painted along on the flat landscape.

It was quite refreshing to see the change of colors even though we’ve already had one cold spout. When’s another coming? I hope soon.

Yeah, when I made the trek back to Atmore, I took in the scenery again and cherished the moment because as I thought, “pretty soon, these colors aren’t going to be here anymore.”

Then, I wondered when would be the best time to take pictures of the fall colors before it fades away?

Does anyone know?