Looking back: 50 years ago, the holidays reared heads

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Fifty years ago, in 1967, everyone was busy getting ready for Thanksgiving and right behind that Christmas was not far behind.

One of the first things I noticed in The Atmore Advance was the different hair styles of the times. Most of the time all the ladies had either short, short hair with a lot of poof or shoulder length hair styled into a flip. This last style was worn by Mary Tyler Moore in her television show. I wore my hair style out of necessity, but I always wanted that little flip. My hair has a mind of its own and does as it pleases.

One of my favorite things about looking at old newspapers was the price of things. Piggly Wiggly had five pounds of sugar for  28  cents, ground beef for 98 cents a pound and Comet Cleanser for 31 cents for two large cans.

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A&P had 15 ounce pound cakes for 33 cents (wonder what happened to the other ounce); a dozen donuts were 39 cents and fruit cakes were $3.99 for a five-pound size. These days, you can’t even buy a fruit cake the size of a stick of butter for that price. And did I mention how much I love fruitcake? I guess it is because I remember how good my mother’s fruitcake was. They never measure up to hers, but I do love them.

The Red Cross Bloodmobile came to town  and it was noted that all five of the Brantley brothers came in at the same time to give blood. Although 215 people showed up to donate, only 179 donors were accepted.

The American Legion was planning a flag burning ceremony to remind people of the correct way to get rid of old and worn out flags. It seems strange for them to be burned, but other ways are even worse. I don’t care about what other people think, I respect my flag and don’t get me riled up about it.

Farrish McGhee of Huxford displayed the sweet potatoes he had grown on his farm. He had a seven pound and a five pound potato. It wouldn’t take many of them to last all winter.

Atmore had a great turnout for the TB Xray Mobile Unit with 350 x-rays taken on Monday, but Tuesday the machine broke down.

It was time for the Christmas Club checks to be sent from the bank. First National Bank and Atmore Bank sent out a total of $165,528 in checks.

The Circuit Court had 41 people to face charges in the next court session.

The Rotary Club members were getting ready for  big public deer hunt and barbecue to be held on Carney Timber Lands north of town. Tickets just for the meal only cost $2.50 and that sounds like a pretty good deal. I don’t remember what the tickets were to attend the hunt. I guess I had my mind on the meal and I certainly wasn’t going to a deer hunt.