Memories fresh of working with dad

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Forty-one years.

That’s how long my dad’s been employed.

He officially retired on Dec. 29 after more than 23 years working in administration at Thomas Hospital.

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While I hated to have missed his final day, I made sure to call him to wish him congratulations.

Over the weekend, I made my way home for New Year’s celebrations and while there, memories kept flashing in my mind of my dad when he worked in Mobile for what was called, Prodata. For most of his professional life, my dad has been working in information systems.

Don’t ask me what that means.

When I think back to those memories of going with him to work, one thing stands out — what I wore and the spinning wheels of computer tape not far from his office.

As my dad would work, I’d sit in a nearby chair and ruffle through my briefcase, which was full of magazines of sorts.

Yeah, those were my younger days and I think of them fondly.

Even as I grew up, I made sure to visit my dad while at Thomas Hospital.

His former secretary would greet me with a big smile, and so did my dad.

I also have good memories of him while at Thomas, too. From turkey bowling during Thanksgiving to various functions, it was so fun be a part of my dad’s professional life.

Now, he’s on a new adventure.

I am so happy for my dad because he’s worked hard to get to this point in his life.

He deserves some rest time and time with my mom.

I remember my conversation with him on his last day at work. By this point, he was already home relaxing.

I asked him how it felt, and he said it felt great to be done, and that he left on good terms with every body.

I congratulated him and we parted ways until Sunday for New Year’s Eve.

Even when I pulled up to the house, I could tell something was different about my dad.

In fact, I chuckled because he didn’t have to go to work on Tuesday.