Letter to the Editor for Wed., Jan. 24, 2018

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, January 24, 2018

One of the saddest things to see is how a once vibrant and active city is now slowly deteriorating. I have lived here for most of my life and for those of you who have just moved here you are seeing it also.

At one time, we lived in a town you could be proud of, that is no longer true. Other cities in our area have progressed and have actively pursued trying to make their towns better. We seem to be just treading water. I think many people wither just don’t care anymore or either they are so used to seeing the blight around them they are used to it now.

It now seems that latest urban blight we are experiencing is the proliferation of junk used cars lots. These lots are not like the quality used cars that Billy Rolin, Jim Johnson or Chuck Stevens sells. These lots I am referring to contain old and unsightly cars. They are definitely a blight to our city. It was my understanding the city was not going to give a new car license or permit for a used car lot to open in the city limits of Atmore. Apparently the information I received must not be correct, since two of these junk car lots have already opened. One of these eyesores is located at the Old Nelson’s store on Hwy. 31 as you enter Atmore from the west. You can be filled with the pleasant look of old, dilapidated ars as you come into our city. Is this really what we want? Another junk lot is where Jack Springs road starts, just past the railroad tracks. An area has been cleaned out and the junk is not starting to appear. There are at least six cars lined up with this property and I am sure more are coming. Of course they have the prices written on the windshield. This is just a cheap, tacky and classless look that our town does not need.

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Have you ever noticed all the cars that are collecting behind the old Atmore recap shop on Trammell St. This is in the middle of downtown Atmore and yet nobody seems to be complaining? I know there are many people that want this town to be better. I am sure they would agree with me that the outward appearance of our town will give people their first impression of our city. If that is the case then why does our city allow unsightly business to open in the city limits?

We can get better, but only if you want it better. If nobody complains, then things will not change.
Clint Smith