Weather was hot topic last week

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The weather.

That was the main topic of conversation among Atmore area folks as they experienced a snow-like event last week.

Prior to the front coming in late Tuesday, we decided to send our paper early to the press in Andalusia. In fact, The Messenger, Troy’s newspaper, sent its paper to the same press earlier that afternoon.

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For the past three or so weeks, I’ve been handling the truck driving duties for the paper. My job has been to drive to Andalusia and back, but make stops along the way to deliver papers for The Brewton Standard and us.

Looking at the weather early in the week, I made the decision to send the paper early to the press. In fact, I actually sent it at a normal time on Tuesday.

After filling up with gas, we made our way toward Andalusia to pick up the papers.

Now, it was pretty chilly, but not as cold as it was going to get.

As we were waiting on the papers to get off the press, we commented that it didn’t feel that cold at all.

“I thought we’d see something by now,” our driver said.

Once we got the papers loaded up, we set off into what we thought was going to be a rough ride home.

That wasn’t the case.

It really didn’t start sleeting/raining on us until we were in Flomaton on the last leg of the route.

By the time we were between Flomaton and Canoe, the weather started dipping dramatically.

Sleet was smashing against the truck and rain fell.

When we got to the post office, we quickly and safely unloaded the papers and headed toward the Advance.

When I got out of the truck, ice had formed on the sides and on the back step.

Our cars were so cold that we had to defrost the windshield in order to see the road.

Later that night I composed an email to Michele Gerlach, our group manager. I told her that we made it back safe and that the most dangerous part was walking up my stairs.

Yes, my stairs were frozen solid.

Clutching the guide rails and going slowly, I made it to my apartment safe and sound.

The next day, we were greeted with a dusting of snow, which was a nice sight to see. I wasn’t here for the December snow we got last month.

While the rest of the town shut down, I set to work on our bridal magazine, which will hit shelves in next week’s edition.

It took a while for the snow to melt around our office, but it served as a good reminder at how cold it really got here.