Twitter, my dear friend, I am hooked

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Twitter can be the best and worst.

Every day, Twitter is a part of my work and personal life, whether it’s posting news story links, updates or even sports scores, the popular social media tool is like a ligament.

Other than work, my primary use of Twitter revolves around all things wrestling, film or comic books.

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On Feb. 25, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) held its pay-per-view show, “Elimination Chamber.”

The show’s title is reflective of the co-main events. During the show, the first-ever Women’s Elimination Chamber was held. In my opinion, that brought the house down more than the men’s version. Both were good, though.

I was posting my various Twitter comments, all good, during the show when I noticed that my uncle was posting old photographs of my grandfather, great grandfather and great-great grandfather.

“If you have more, please send when you have time,” I tweeted.

All of a sudden, I was getting image after image and it was fantastic.

Images included my great-great grandfather, Andrew Jackson White, who was the owner of a general merchandise store; of my great-great-great-great grandfather, John White’s cabin near Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; of my great grandfather, Chandler Stewart White Sr.; of my grandfather, Chandler Stewart White Jr.; and of my grandmother’s father, Sam Brown, during his Navy days in World War I, where he served on the U.S.S. Oklahoma.

I’m sure my uncle, who is Chandler Stewart White III, by the way, has plenty more where those pictures came from.

I’m thankful that he shared them with me because I don’t think I had seen them before. There was one that I recognized, my grandfather’s father; other than that, it was like reading a new book.

After things settled down after the show, I thought about my father’s side of the family and what I can dig up, picture wise. I’m now anxious to see what will come of this adventure.

Twitter, like I said, can be the best tool.

I’m glad I connected — as we often do — with my uncle who shared those family pictures.