Atmore recycling operation to reopen March 12

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Recycling hoarders rejoice.

The city of Atmore’s recycling program is slated to begin next Mon., March 12, at the public works department at 412 Ridgeley Street.

City Executive Assistant Celia Lambert said residents can come and pick up their green bags for recyclable materials.

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The city of Atmore entered a three-month agreement, or trial basis, with ECUA for recycling services. During this time span, ECUA is going to test the city’s contaminated recyclables and determine whether or not to enter into the agreement.

At present, ECUA recycles 175 tons of materials daily, and collects materials east of Destin, Fla. to the east of Mobile.

The following is what is recyclable at ECUA:

• glass, any color

• Newspaper and inserts

• Magazines and catalogs

• Junk mail and envelopes

• Cardboard

• Phone books

• Office and school papers (colored paper)

• Brown paper bags (grocery)

• Boxboard (cereal, cake and cracker boxes, etc.)

• Pizza boxes

• Plastic produce clamshells (plastic containers with food in them)

• Plastics No. 1-7

• Plastic milk jugs, bottles and containers

• Aluminum cans and lids

• Pet food cans and dry pet food bags

• Aluminum foil baking pans

• Balls of tin foil; foil pie tins

• Tin and steel cans and lids

• Metal pots, pans and cookie sheets

• Egg cartons, cardboard only at this time

The following isn’t recyclable:

• No plastic bags – Please check with your local grocery stores to see if they collect plastic bags for recycling.

• No ice cream cartons

• No waxy/paper milk cartons

• No aerosol cans

• No juice boxes/bags

• No food waste

• No garbage or yard waste

• No garden hoses

• No window blinds

• No bubble wrap

• No tarps

• No bedding or linens

• No carpeting or rugs

• No construction materials

• No clothes

• No diapers