Looking Back: Riddle brought back baseball memories

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, April 11, 2018

In 1983, 35 years ago, the first thing I noticed in The Atmore Advance was a write-up by Chase Riddle. It brought back some fond memories of the 1950s when I was such a big fan of baseball. I don’t know why Riddle was writing for The Atmore Advance, but it caught my eye.

Riddle told the story of the days he not only played on the team, but scouted, got the playing field ready and even helped with the concession stand along with little pay.

The Chase Riddle that I remembered was a player (a catcher, I believe).. During these years, I went to the games as often as I could. I lived in Ozark and they had a team in this league.

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Riddle told the story of when he received a call from a scout in Puerto Rico about a pitcher they were looking at. The scout said that the team the player was on was playing a championship game and it would be the last game of the season.  Riddle said he rushed to buy a ticket and flew off to Puerto Rico. He rented a car and drove to the game which was way back in the mountains. After nearly killing himself over the bad roads, he arrived at the well-worn stadium to find thousands of people eating hot dogs and drinking soda, but no opposing team. Apparently the two teams had a falling out and no one knew if the other team would show up. When game time came, the prospect pitcher went to the mound and threw one ball. The umpire yelled “forfeit” and the game was over. Everybody from the stands rushed onto the field. Riddle had flown and drove several hours just to see one pitch. He didn’t say whether the pitcher was signed.

Talk about a good story, Riddle had a good one.

In other news, the Poarch Creek Nation was to participate in a quilt fair in Robertsdale.

Probate Judge Martha Kirkland spoke at the Pilot Club. This caught my attention because many years ago I was a charter member of the Anchor Club at Carroll High School which was the girls’ version of the Pilot Club.

The Perdido Volunteer Fire Department was to sponsor a Donkey basketball game at Perdido Junior High School. They were also going to serve chicken plates.

If you have never seen a donkey basketball game, you have missed a good chance at some fun.

The Davisville Historical Society was planning a flea market.

The Easter Bunny was seen at First Baptist Church Kindergarten visiting the children. I have often thought the bunny, along with Santa Claus must come across as the scariest thing children have ever seen. How would you like it if suddenly a giant rabbit appeared who wanted you to sit on his lap? Haven’t thought about that, have you?

According to Farm Bureau Federation, food prices were up but still a bargain. The survey said that consumers spend slightly more than 16 percent of their income on food.