Looking Back: Does anybody still paint cars in 2017?

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, April 25, 2018

I found some interesting items in the newspaper in 1968, 50 years ago to pass along to you.

Does anybody still paint cars in 2017? I found an ad for Moore Motors that they would paint your vehicle its original paint color for $69.50.

I remember a time when I worked for the Ford dealership in Ozark. I was newly married and I got a bad case of wanting a new car. They looked so pretty when they hit the display floor. We kicked it around and talked about buying a new car, but my husband kept the cooler head. We got our old car painted instead.

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When we decided to get married in 1959, my husband was driving a brand new Chrysler with the new car smell and tail fins. Now if you don’t know what tail fins were, they were added to the side and back giving the car a look of a spaceship. Anyway, when we decided to get married, we had to trade that big beautiful car for a used 1955 Ford. It was either that or live in the car. We couldn’t afford both. We drove that car to California and back and kept it for many years. We got a paint job for that old 1955 and drove it a long, long time.

Mustang Mobile Homes advertised that they had mobile homes starting as low as $2,995.

Another item that caught my attention was the sale of hats. The Greater Fair had them for $4.98 to $25. It is very seldom you see a woman wearing a hat these days, but back in the day it was the “proper” thing to do.

When we lived in Greenville back in the early 1960s, I found myself invited to attend a tea with other members of the Library Club. I had a new dress and a hat that I made to match. I wore my white gloves and my spike heels. I was really cool.

There was a large collection of silver items on display. I tried my best not to appear stupid, but I opened my mouth at the wrong time.

There was one item on display that I could not figure out. I asked someone and to my surprise found that it was a darning egg, used to darn holes in socks. I spoke right out and said that my mother used a light bulb to darn our socks. Well I got some strange looks, but my thought was that people that could afford a silver darning egg could also afford to buy new socks. Oh, well, I am what I am and never

pretended to be someone else.

One other item of interest was listed as Fascinating Facts and said that it was not true that rattlesnakes had a rattle for each year of its life. They get a new rattle when they shed their skin and sometimes that happens several times a year.