Looking Back: 35 years ago, phone service changing

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Thirty five years ago, in 1983, phone customers were facing new regulations in service in Atmore. Up until that time, they were required to rent their phones, but that was all changing. Now there would be a phone store where customers would buy their own phone.

With the school year not even finished, ads were showing up in The Atmore Advance for children to be registered for the next year.

A man stumbled into the police station with his throat cut. He ran seven blocks, while bleeding profusely from the wounds he sustained in an argument. He later was treated and released.

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It was National Library Week with all sorts of activities planned.

Balloons were to be released.

A new oil and gas well near Nokomis promised to be potentially important.

Mayfest ‘83 was coming up with lots of things to do including pet contests and different kinds of runs with prizes.

It was National Secretaries Week and bosses all over town honored their secretaries with three pages of ads in The Atmore Advance.

E.T. was showing at The Strand. This movie pulled all ages into the story of an alien who had been left behind on Earth and befriended by some youngsters.

I don’t go to the movies much, but I saw this one at the theater and really enjoyed it.

New playground equipment was placed in Tom Byrne Park for the children.